Light colored floor brings a greater sense of spac

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In home decoration design, Yu floor is the stage of the whole home design, and the floor occupies the largest area in home life, so the floor color is very important. Modern simple style is popular, so light color flooring is a good choice. Light color wood flooring with slight exposure to the natural grain of wood can easily create a simple room. Here are some tips for matching light colored floors

1. White and gray light colored floors are the most popular, and the texture of the floor is mainly natural and quiet. It is paved in the bedroom in midsummer, or simple or fresh, so that the home is filled with a natural and fresh breath

2. The balcony can be paved with light colored outdoor wood floors and green potted plants, which can create a natural atmosphere of nature

3 . Light colored wood flooring should pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew proof and yellowing proof; Because it is easy to leave scratches, do not let hard objects touch the wooden floor

4. Light colored wood flooring and light colored furniture are a perfect match, giving people a fresh feeling. Furniture and wood floors can be the same color, adding more natural flavor to the home

5. Light colored wood flooring is easy to give people a monotonous feeling, so you can try bright colors in the choice of decorations




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