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The case of muster whole wood home decoration is to locate American countryside and American countryside. Simple modeling can also shape elegant taste. The structure is simple and generous, and the overall collocation is harmonious. Solid wood furniture has great compatibility with other color collocations

the main design style of this house is American rural

simple modeling can also shape elegant taste. The structure is simple and generous, and the overall collocation is harmonious. Solid wood furniture has great compatibility with other color collocations

the house type map is transparent from north to south, and the lighting is very good

in the porch, the kitchen is on the right hand and the shoe cabinet is on the left hand. The wall is decorated with European style ancient architectural paintings, and the lights on the ceiling are also European style retro style, which makes people feel a warm nostalgic and retro atmosphere

go back three or five steps, and suddenly it's bright. The dining room on the right and the living room on the left

the living room is paved with wooden floors, the sofa is made of cloth, and there are two single sofas. The tea table and TV cabinet are American style. The ceiling of the living room is very simple, and the living room is gorgeous and fashionable as a whole

the TV wall is decorated. The TV wall is designed with simplicity and atmosphere. The frame of the TV wall is a solid wood dado, a pair of beautiful wall lamps, wallpaper is pasted on the background wall, small broken flowers, and the TV cabinet is also gorgeous

balcony, the warm sunshine shines through the gauze curtain, what a comfortable feeling

take a panoramic view of the guest restaurant, the effect of the living room and the effect of the restaurant behind. Put together, the whole decoration effect is beautiful. The retro sofa and exquisite chandelier are great in every detail

the dining room was originally small in size, but the balcony was wrapped in, and then the French windows were made, which instantly became much larger. There is also a load-bearing beam leading to the balcony, which can't be removed, so I made a lattice ceiling to take it in, so I can't feel the sense of conflict

what about the other two water pipes? Make one of two together, and then make a Roman closet. Put them away

this is the picture after the completion of the restaurant, simple and atmospheric. The name of the cabinet is very nice. It's called Roman arched closet. The Roman arched closet is very satisfactory, beautiful and practical, and the beautiful style comes out at once

the dining side cabinet of the restaurant is particularly attractive. The design is very novel and unique. There is also a large floor to ceiling window with good lighting. The solid wood tables and chairs look fashionable and noble as a whole

the kitchen is paved with retro floor tiles, customized cabinets, white cabinet doors, white marble operation desk, and a hanging cabinet. The kitchen area is small, so it's right to do as many storage cabinets as possible

the master bedroom is paved with wooden floors, the bed is expensive and gorgeous, the decoration color is fresh and elegant, and the blue curtains are simple and generous. The bedroom effect is mainly decorated by soft decoration. The log bed frame is very strong, the towering columns are domineering, and the radian of the backrest is very beautiful

the Silver Crescent nine bucket cabinet is very practical

the master bathroom, with blue as the basic tone, is particularly refreshing and comfortable. The shower room is made of curved glass partition, which is beautiful and generous

the second bedroom is relatively small, and it looks a little crowded after putting on the 1.8-meter bed. Therefore, two smaller bedside tables are specially ordered. This bed is still very stable and atmospheric

the second bedroom is mainly for the elderly, and the decoration is mainly elegant and fresh. The elderly also like it, and the simple one is very good

children's room, Mediterranean style, steady and quiet blue

the guest bathroom, retro tiles and stable hand washing cabinets give people a warm and stable feeling




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