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After the decoration of the home, we need to buy curtains to decorate the indoor windows and balconies, so we don't know how to buy curtains, so consult some professional masters, what are the noise proof curtains, and how should we buy curtains

the new house at home has just been decorated, so we need to buy curtains to decorate the indoor windows and balconies, so we don't know how to buy curtains, so consult some professional masters, what are the noise proof curtains, and how we should buy curtains. So can thick household sound insulation? Many consumers are consulting about this problem when buying curtains. Now let's invite professional masters to introduce to you whether thick curtains at home can insulate noise? Let's have a look

first, the sound insulation effect of thick curtains can reach 8~12 DB

has a certain effect. The key of balcony sound insulation lies in the window. You can choose hollow glass window or double-layer window for sound insulation, but you should check whether its sealing * is good. Secondly, a sound-absorbing cotton ceiling on the balcony ceiling can achieve better sound insulation effect. Moreover, pave special sound-absorbing wallpaper on the treated wall or make some protruding texture effects. Generally, the sound insulation capacity of bedrooms with sound insulation curtains is increased by up to 8~12 dB. So the effect of sound proof curtains is still very significant, but if you want to pursue an environment without any noise at all, it is impossible to rely on sound proof curtains alone. Xiaobian suggested that if your home is close to the noisy traffic environment, you can consider installing double glazing and then adding sound insulation curtains, the effect should be much better

II. Cotton and hemp curtains can prevent noise by 10% - 20%

cotton and hemp are commonly used materials for curtains, which are easy to wash and replace. Artificial fiber curtains are hard, easy to wash and durable, and have good sunshade. Silk and flocking curtains are exquisite, luxurious and gorgeous, with good shading and sound insulation effects. The quality of curtains is better in flocking, cotton, linen and so on. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect. If you want to take a comfortable nap during the day. When choosing soundproof curtains (choose curtains), the texture of the curtains is preferably flocking, cotton, hemp, and some curtain fabrics require environmentally friendly materials (formaldehyde free). Generally speaking, the sound absorption effect of thick curtains is relatively better. Curtains with good texture can reduce external noise by 10% - 20%

III. chenille curtain can prevent noise by 70%-75%

chenille curtain is made of chenille fabric. This chenille fabric is made by bonding short fibers and filaments with different drugs and strengths. Chenille yarn accounts for 70% - 75%, which retains the beauty and soft touch of chenille yarn. It is luxurious and has a good decorative effect; Because the curtain consists of short fibers with different fineness and strength, good sound absorption and sound insulation effect can be achieved through short fibers. The sound insulation effect of chenille sound insulation curtain cloth is slightly worse than that of flocking sound insulation curtain cloth, but it is better than canvas sound insulation curtain

the above is about whether thick curtains for household use can be soundproof. I hope it can be helpful to you! If you want to buy satisfactory curtains, you can go to Lanzhi curtain wall cloth national exclusive store to buy your favorite curtains. From October 20 to November 20, the national promotional activity of "opening warehouse and releasing grain" for the double 11 Lanzhi soft clothing festival is in progress





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