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Why do you need high-quality service? there are two main competitive strategies for customized wardrobe companies, either price advantage strategy or differentiation strategy. Service is a very effective differentiation strategy. If there is no difference in products, strength, brand, technology and personnel between the two companies, why should customers choose you? Because your service is more distinctive than others, consumers trust you more. So we should use the best service consciousness to enhance our competitiveness

high quality service and poor quality service will have a different impact on the company. If the company provides high-quality service, its customers will average the company's information to five other people; Effectively solving customer problems will make 95% of customers become loyal customers; Developing new customers costs several times more than maintaining old customers, and a loyal customer is equivalent to the value of 10 repeated purchases of products, so the value of maintaining old customers is 60 times the value of visiting new customers

if the company provides poor service, every customer will tell another 10 people their complaints about the company, and 20% of them will spread their complaints to 20 people; A bad service needs 12 good services to make up for; Generally speaking, we only hear 4% of complaints, and 81% of customers will disappear forever; If the annual performance growth is only 1%, the market share will decrease by 2%

according to different personality types, we can divide customers into four types: lively, powerful, peaceful and analytical. For customers with different personality types, we should adopt corresponding strategies: for lively customers, the shopping guide should praise and compliment him more, but it must be appropriate; For powerful customers, the shopping guide should try to provide services and create a scene where he the final say; For peaceful customers, the shopping guide needs to explain patiently; For analytical clients, first, provide him with professional evidence, and second, consult him

service is not optional, but the only way for enterprises to survive and develop. Modern shopping guides should have the following correct service concepts and Thinking: passable customer service is far from enough; Customer service should start with 100% satisfaction; Customers' opinions are objective facts, although they may be biased; Fault is an opportunity for the company's sales guide to improve; Problems can create a favorable new situation; Customers should feel that they are one of the symbols of service masters and shopping guides; Listen, listen again, and think twice before you act

the sales of the overall wardrobe gives every shopping guide a very broad space to play. In daily work, it is found that the franchised stores with excellent performance have excellent shopping guides, and the vast majority of excellent shopping guides are full of confidence in the brand, products and their own sales ability. Store shopping guides need to give customers a relaxed shopping environment, quickly understand customers' needs, help customers find the feeling of the overall wardrobe, and tell customers that our products can fully meet their needs. And we are convinced that Rongda's century old wardrobe brand and products are the best in the industry. Although the price is higher than that of ordinary miscellaneous brands, it has high cost performance. Give full play to their professional level, introduce knowledge to customers, convey positive and accurate information, actively give tailored, provide personalized public programs, and believe that customers will be able to buy the most suitable products under their own guidance. Buying Rongda century old wardrobe products must be the best choice for them, and it is worth it

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