Zhanzhi Tianhua introduces E0 grade special board

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Zhanzhi Tianhua has specially introduced Alice special board for infants and young children from Japan, and the environmental protection level has reached E0 level, so as to protect the health of your family! The action of "net etiquette and benefiting the people" will be fully launched on April 28

talk about aldehyde color change, how to solve the problem

do you have children? Have you paid attention to formaldehyde? Do you know the harm of formaldehyde to human body, especially children

we have already entered the 21st century, and our attention is no longer limited to food, clothing and warmth. We pay attention to health, civilization, fashion and quality, but there are always some hazards that follow us in our lives and are difficult to remove. Formaldehyde is such a gangrene of bone

formaldehyde, a colorless gas, has irritating effects on human eyes and nose. In the short term, in an environment where formaldehyde exceeds the standard, the human body will have some acute symptoms, such as tears, sneezing, coughing, etc. for the elderly and children with weak resistance, they are more likely to taste tracheitis, asthma, allergy, and even cancer. Formaldehyde harm has penetrated into all aspects of life, seriously threatening people's health

in order to deal with the problem of formaldehyde pollution in the air, people have made great efforts. At present, the traditional window ventilation method, material adsorption method and plant purification method are mostly used. However, the advantages and disadvantages of various methods are different, and the effect is even more difficult to evaluate. We urgently need to control the formaldehyde content from the source to create a green and healthy home environment

e0 environmental protection, clean life

as an advocate of environmentally friendly home furnishings, zhanzhi Tianhua always pays attention to the problem of formaldehyde, adheres to being a safe and reliable home decoration brand, and provides consumers with a healthy and fashionable home environment. Over the years, the wooden doors under zhanzhi Tianhua have reached the national certification standards, and have also obtained the EU CE certification, becoming a healthy choice for thousands of families at home and abroad

zhanzhi Tianhua is not satisfied with this. Taking into account the higher demand of some elderly families and children for the home environment, as well as the housing demand of some families to install and live immediately, after various inspections and professional tests, Alice special board for infants and young children has been specially introduced from Japan, and the environmental protection level has reached E0 level. In Japan, it is the designated building material for kindergartens and nursing homes, making it a non-toxic, tasteless and healthy home choice

zhanzhi Tianhua takes creating a green and environmentally friendly home environment as its own responsibility. It is not only always higher than the industry standard, but also more concerned about consumer safety. It brings more professional and high-end materials into home decoration life and protects the health of your family for you! The action of "net etiquette and benefiting the people" will be fully launched on April 28




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