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How much should basic decoration cost?

"it's basic decoration, but it still suffered more than 40000 yuan?" Many decorators have encountered things. They don't understand, so they simply paint the wall and pave the floor. How can they move tens of thousands of yuan? The reporter interviewed several decoration companies about this. What is basic decoration? What items does the basic decoration include? What is the price of basic decoration

five major items must be done for basic decoration

first, water and electricity installation and waterproof and moisture-proof treatment in the early stage; 2、 Floor tiles, wall tiles, sometimes including windowsill stones and threshold stones; 3、 Scrape and polish the wall, and apply emulsion paint; 4、 Aluminum buckle and roof treatment in kitchen and bathroom; 5、 Door and door pocket

different charges carefully choose

there are two kinds of charges for basic decoration. One is charged according to the room area. The current charge in our city is 250-300 yuan/square meter. The other kind of charge is based on the actual construction items

experts pointed out that there are unreasonable factors in charging by area. At present, the floors of many owners, especially the bedrooms, are mostly paved with laminate floors, and some are all paved with solid wood floors. This part of the work was done by wood flooring merchants. If you charge in this way, the customer must suffer a loss. Charge according to the actual construction items, charge as much as you do and as much as you do

why can't the cost be reduced

the price of basic decoration made by large companies will certainly be higher, and it may be much higher. First of all, large companies and small and medium-sized companies have great differences in labor costs of workers. Secondly, the difference in company costs will also lead to price differences. Large companies will set higher prices because of their high operating costs. However, in terms of after-sales services, large companies are indeed doing better and more secure. Therefore, the price of basic decoration is absolutely different with different materials, different construction quality of workers

past experience

1. Control the materials and wages, and the cost of decoration can be done. If you don't invite the decoration company, install it yourself. But the premise is that there must be someone at home who knows a little about decoration and has time. First of all, you can fight a "protracted war" with merchants in buying materials, bargain, shop around, and even go directly to the manufacturer after investigation

2. The construction period should not be too tight. If only two decorators and five decorators are invited, the price is a world apart. Friendly reminder:

(1) pay the deposit in advance for anything, don't pay the full amount

(2) don't pay the workers all the wages at once, and pay them off after the completion of all the projects, which can prevent the workers from working carelessly and reduce the wages when they feel dissatisfied

3. When buying materials, you must take away a sample if you are optimistic about the right one, and remember to compare it with the sample when the goods arrive, so as to prevent merchants from playing tricks

4、. You can't buy materials in the largest stores and supermarkets, nor in small stores. You can buy materials in medium-sized stores. The quality is relatively guaranteed, and you can bargain





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