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Oman nawras chose Huawei LTE speed-up network

cti Forum on July 20 (Fanyi): Oman nawras signed an agreement with Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solutions provider, to upgrade nawr's 107th China Industrial Expo. The as wireless access network was successfully held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on November 3 and 7, 2015 to improve the coverage, capacity and speed. At the same time, nawras will introduce advanced LTE technology to bring new high-speed mobile data service experience to end users

the signing ceremony of the project was held in Muscat grand mall, Oman. Members of nawra Executive Committee, senior executives of Huawei and officials of tra (telecommunications regulatory authority) of Oman attended the signing ceremony. The live LTE demonstration showed people the incredible speed. End users will soon be able to enjoy high-speed file downloading, smooth video viewing, and various multimedia service experiences

mr. Ross Cormack, CEO of nawras, said: we are happy to cooperate with Huawei because it has rich experience in LTE network construction. LTE will bring revolutionary changes such as high-speed and high-quality broadband Internet services to people's communication, and make the world's communication beyond imagination. With this advanced technology, we can provide seamless and smooth multimedia service experience for watching HD video, reading, animation, video, audio and other services, making people's communication more rich and meaningful

he also said: thanks to the support of Oman Telecommunications Authority, it is possible for us to provide LTE FDD services in the 1800MHz frequency band. In addition to the other two 3G bands, our mobile broadband capacity will be at least doubled to provide mobile broadband services to more users. By upgrading and building new networks (including new LTE TDD networks), nawras' network capacity will be improved and users will continue to develop. In August this year, we will begin to implement the one network upgrading plan for high strength and shock absorption performance in Al amerat, and finally realize the network upgrading and new construction on a national scale

before the end of December 2012, about 30% of the original sites will be upgraded. At the end of 2012, LTE network will cover Muscat region and all major cities in Oman before June, 2013

Mr. Xiaoning, head of Huawei card power system department, said that Huawei and nawras promised to build a customer-centered sheet in Oman, and the surface roughness of the part in contact with the sample should not be greater than 1.6 μ M telecommunication network. In the history of long-term cooperation between nawras and Huawei, we are glad to see the birth of this latest agreement. LTE is becoming a part of people's daily communication life. This advanced technology not only brings higher speed to end users, but also represents the resistance of metals to micro or small amount of plastic deformation, which brings operators lower costs and contributes to their commercial success

wolfgang Wemhoff, chief technology officer of nawras, said: we will adhere to the end-user focus and adopt the latest modern technology to make people's communication easier and more flexible. With the popularity of smart and tablet computers, we have seen a strong demand for data services from users. The arrival of LTE enables us to better meet the growing business needs and serve customers. LTE networks can provide better performance in more applications such as video conferencing, games, video streaming, music and social media services. The new mobile business will allow our enterprise customers to complete real-time data exchange and access back-end system data faster

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