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Network marketing: tracking customers

this article is the third lecture in Google's "the power of measurement" series. In the current economic environment, this series of lectures will introduce how to make your network marketing successful. Through the explanation of Google network analysis experts, you will learn how to make full use of network data and indicators to easily break the password of network marketing

if you are promoting your products on, you should always know clearly where your customers (ad clicks) come from. How valuable is this information to you? If you are a garment processing enterprise producing down jackets, how many of your customers come from tropical areas with an average temperature of more than 30 degrees? Should an enterprise mainly engaged in pork hamburger processing be promoted in Islamic areas? You don't have to be a marketing genius to answer these questions. Unfortunately, in the actual network marketing, the situation you face is much more complicated than this

the secret of successful marketing is to sell the product to customers who want to buy it as a social problem of common concern. The more you know about customers, the more accurate your sales promotion will be and the higher the probability of success. Using the matching technology of Google AdWords, it is not difficult to find customers accurately, and you can also get a detailed report on customer behavior, including when your customers click, or see your ads, and where they are distributed. Every day, Google AdWords will gather the data of different countries, regions and cities in the global futures market, and conduct real-time analysis and statistics according to your account, advertising plan or advertising group. These data can enable you to accurately track the source of customers (whether it is Harbin with ice and snow or Miami with sunshine), and understand the number of clicks, display times and click revenue conversion rate of your ads in different regions

how does this information help network marketing? A businessman selling ice cream sold his products all over the United States. Through Adwords' regional situation report, he found that his advertising received good results in the hot Miami and Phoenix, but also found that there were a considerable number of customers in Juno, Alaska, near the Arctic circle. So he adjusted his advertising strategy in time, there "At the critical moment when the people of the whole country join hands to fight against the novel coronavirus, some regions with good advertising effects will focus on promotion, thus greatly improving the profitability of advertising.

similarly, an enterprise engaged in jade business in Urumqi, China, has everything from jade carving to jewelry, which is responsible for both sales and distribution. According to the information on regional advertising effects provided by Adwords, the enterprise selects the sales of servo system industry Sales executives found that there was strong demand not only in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou and other popular areas, but also in nearby Shenyang and other places. By adjusting the target areas of advertising, this enterprise has not only opened up a new market, but also greatly reduced the cost of goods distribution, so as to maximize the return on advertising investment

for collateral marketing, targeted marketing is always more effective than mass marketing. The regional execution report of Google AdWords can not only help you track your customers, but also point out the most valuable market. As long as you make a slight adjustment to your advertising strategy, your yield will rise sharply

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