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The world's first "5g+ai Railway Intelligent locomotive system" was officially put into use at 14:46 on September 4, the first harmonious hxd3d high-power electric locomotive equipped with 5g equipment slowly entered the locomotive servicing yard of Xi'an locomotive depot, and 15.6gb of locomotive video data was automatically transferred and stored in less than 90 seconds, It marks that the 5g+ai intelligent locomotive maintenance system jointly developed by China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. has been officially put into use. This is the first time 5g technology has been applied to railway locomotives in the world, which is of great significance to improve the efficiency of locomotive data transfer and accelerate the innovation and development of Railway Science and technology

on September 4, a technical exchange meeting on innovative achievements of intelligent locomotive was held in Xi'an, hosted by China Railway Society and jointly organized by China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and Huawei. More than 130 people from relevant departments of China Railway namo group, relevant principals of locomotive department and science and Information Technology Department of 18 railway bureaus and groups across the country, and representatives of multiple application solution providers in the railway locomotive field attended the exchange meeting

at the meeting, the representative of China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. presented to the guests the achievements and planning of smart West Railway Construction and the achievements and planning of smart locomotive innovation, and introduced the joint innovation jointly carried out by Xi'an Bureau and Huawei since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement to promote the progress of smart west railway construction, the actual application of smart locomotive system and the next work plan

xujiangen, deputy chief engineer of China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

guoxiaohua, deputy director of the locomotive Department of China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

subsequently, in the exhibition of Huawei railway innovation scheme, the representative of Huawei introduced Huawei's work in the field of railway innovation and the phased results achieved

wangguoyu, general manager of BG transportation solutions Department of Huawei enterprise, finally jointly released the 5g+ai intelligent locomotive system, the biggest achievement of this technical exchange meeting, which provides a new solution for solving the data dump of railway locomotives but improving the efficiency of locomotive utilization in hundreds of countries

with the continuous rise of industrial change and technological revolution, the intelligent era has come, and 5g, AI and other new technologies have been widely used in all walks of life. More and more high-definition video technologies have been applied in the field of railway traffic safety assurance, among which the video subsystem of locomotive on-board safety protection system (6a) is one of them. However, the slow video dump and the low efficiency and high cost of manual video analysis after dump restrict the improvement of locomotive operation efficiency

China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Huawei to carry out technological innovation. It innovatively applies Huawei's airflash 5g train ground high-speed dump and AI intelligent analysis solution to the daily operation of locomotive maintenance, realizing the deep integration of 5g+ai technology and railway locomotive maintenance. Based on the new end-to-end architecture, the scheme adopts 5g advanced technologies such as new millimeter wave band, multiple antennas and beamforming, providing an ultra wide, intelligent and safe solution

in the past, after the locomotive is put into storage, the train driver will take the locomotive video data back to the locomotive crew dispatching room through U disk copy, and then the on duty personnel will upload the U disk data to the server through 6A on-board video data dump system. Taking 30GB as an example, the locomotive video data of a running route will take about 40 minutes, which is both time-consuming and laborious. After the deployment of the airflash 5g vehicle ground dump solution, the on-site test shows that the high-speed wireless communication between the locomotive and the ground can be realized over 1.5gbps, and the 30GB video data can be automatically dumped in about 3 minutes, which is 13 times higher than the dumping efficiency before the low dependence of China's finished paper on the outside world, and the curve is saved as No manual intervention is required for the whole process of BMP format pictures

in terms of security, access security is ensured through white list authentication and four handshake protocols. The whole process data is automatically encrypted and transmitted without virus infection risk, ensuring the integrity and security of the data in the whole dump process. For the dumped data, the company, together with the vast number of ecological partners, integrates it into the Huawei data service platform, combines big data and artificial intelligence technology, intelligently analyzes and automatically identifies problems and faults, and greatly improves the efficiency of dump file analysis. Through AI technology, the full routing intelligent analysis is carried out on more than ten kinds of operation behavior items of locomotive stewards, effectively standardizing the operation execution standards of locomotive stewards

14:30, the participants came to Xi'an locomotive depot of China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. to observe the practical application effect of 5g+ai intelligent locomotive system

the staff of Xi'an locomotive depot are explaining the process of 5g signal real-time transmission of locomotive

on-board video data.

14:46, the first harmonious hxd3d high-power electric locomotive equipped with 5g equipment slowly entered the locomotive servicing yard. After the 5g equipment on the locomotive was automatically connected with the ground equipment, the transmission rate rapidly increased from 0 to 1.5gbps in less than 90 seconds, The automatic dump of 15.6gb video data was completed, which amazed the participants present and took out records of this historic moment

the world's first electric locomotive equipped with 5g+ai equipment

transmits on-board video data through 5g signals when it is put into storage

Zhou Miaosheng, a representative from Xi'an locomotive maintenance depot, said:

what a shock! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I can't believe that such large data can be dumped in such a short time, and the whole process is automatic without human intervention. This solution will greatly improve the efficiency of locomotive data dump and the ability of railway transportation safety guarantee. The high and new technology represented by 5g+ai will become a new driving force for the innovation and development of Railway Science and technology

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