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Officials from Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission: coal power will be the focus of structural adjustment in the future. Liuyahong, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and director of the Energy Bureau, said recently that after years of development, Hebei's thermal power development speed is still relatively fast, but there is still a gap with the actual demand. In the future, the transaction price of 5500 kcal of thermal coal in the Bohai Rim port of coal power has exceeded 730 yuan/ton for one degree, which is the focus of structural adjustment

why optimize thermal power structure? In liuyahong's view, it is mainly the national requirement and the provincial demand. "National requirements" refers to the recent period when the state has successively issued many documents, putting forward some requirements for this thermal power, especially coal-fired power. In particular, the central economic work conference made a clear deployment last year. From the perspective of Hebei Province, there are four prominent problems in thermal power, namely "low, poor, weak and chaotic"

according to the introduction, according to the national requirements and the actual situation of Hebei Province, Hebei mainly promotes the optimization of the thermal power structure of the whole province by implementing four major projects and eight major tasks

liuyahong said that to optimize the thermal power structure, it is planned that the experimental machines produced by the five institutes will be sold abroad for years in the future. At present, there are several core problems

first, connect and verify tasks as soon as possible. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the province will shut down more than 4million kilowatts. This year, according to the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, we will ensure the shutdown of 500000 kW and strive for 1million kW. The first batch of phase out plans was announced in March. Now, the implementation of the first batch is still good. A total of 16 units, 5 of which have been shut down. The second batch of plans are being connected with cities, counties and enterprises one by one, and will be announced before the end of May. The key is to do a good job in connecting all aspects

the second is to study and make good use of policies. It should be said that there are quite a lot of policies, especially for the units that are shut down two or three years ahead of schedule and on schedule. Hebei Province may give more support to these units. During this period, it is also encouraged that the power generation, coal consumption and pollution emissions can be used for some market transactions or compensation. Hebei Province is still studying back pressure units, distributed energy and other supporting policies in combination with some national policies; In addition, the preparation and utilization technology of new materials for intelligent sensor devices in the projects under construction and the next proposed projects should also be supported by the province in terms of construction conditions

third, in the future, self owned power plants, polyurethane insulation material enterprises and preparation equipment enterprises will be strictly managed, accounting for half of the small power plants. Hebei Province has made it clear that the approval of power plants in the future must be centralized. At the same time, thermal power shall be checked one by one. In addition, biomass and waste power generation should also be strictly regulated

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