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Oman promotes BP and Omani oil dugum world-class acetic acid project it is reported that Omani local media have reported that Oman has asked the engineering company to submit the previously announced proposal for a world-class acetic acid project in dugum, Oman, which will be invested and constructed by BP's joint venture due to inaccurate data obtained by Omani oil company. The management will announce the shortlist of bidders providing engineering, procurement and construction services for the project in the third quarter of this year

Compositeadvantage will provide a new series of grey and beige simple bridges this year. A spokesman for BP said that the company is still discussing the project. In december2013, BP and Omani petroleum signed a non binding memorandum of understanding to build the world's first acetic acid production unit using saabre, a new synthetic gas acetic acid process developed by BP, which was announced in November 2013

the memorandum of understanding includes economic evaluation and specific feasibility study on the 1million T/a acetic acid plant planned to be built in dugum special economic zone. The investment of the project also depends on the signing of the final agreement, which is expected to be put into operation in 2019

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