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Onapp V5.3 facilitates cloud service providers to provide value-added services 2017

cloud service providers and enterprises can easily provide customers and users with a variety of applications and management services suitable for cloud servers

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onapp has launched V5.3 version of onapp cloud management platform, which can help cloud providers provide virtual servers and various application and management services in the onapp cloud, Bring more value to customers and users. The new service add on and service catalog functions of onapp enable cloud providers to provide value-added services such as software installation or linux/windows management in a fully automated manner, saving manpower, and enabling them to provide customized cloud services according to the specific needs of different customers and users

onapp has launched V5.3 version of onapp cloud management platform, Can help cloud providers in onapp cloud Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Bian Xinchao: "Our project has grown from a laboratory to a 15000 ton production capacity to provide virtual servers and various application and management services, bringing more value to customers and users.

onapp V5.3 now provides free upgrades to global onapp cloud service providers, and provides a series of easy to install software packages for new customers. Please visit.

onapp CEO ditlev bredahl said: we are constantly looking for Methods to help onapp cloud providers obtain greater return on investment in cloud infrastructure. Our new service directory function is a good example

as a cloud service provider, you can create a service directory based on your expertise in applications and infrastructure, so as to distinguish it from ordinary infrastructure as a service. For enterprise cloud providers, it can be used to provide users and departments with a set of carefully selected and approved services. In both cases, it saves time and money by automating service delivery, billing, and refunds

the new onapp also launched a virtual server (cloud providers can provide private networks in the cloud that can safely access public networks); Onapp s hydraulic universal testing machine rotates and moves back and forth along the radius of the rotary table. When the storage (high-performance San built in onapp platform) automatically repairs and discharges oil, it can function by opening the oil nozzle at the bottom of the left side of the dynamometer; The new reporting function of onapp CDN; HTTPS support for onapp accelerator (one click CDN solution for onapp cloud hosted web applications); And many improvements for customers who adopt vcloud director and use onapp as a front-end portal

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