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Num introduces new tool head numcut

recently, it was learned that num, a supplier of numerical control systems, has launched an innovative tool head named numcut, which is applied to complex plasma cutting, laser and water cutting

the traditional motor motion control system solution is to install the motor and gearbox or parallel quadrilateral frame on the moving parts to realize the movement of the tool head. The tool head based on Cartan's mechanics has rapidly expanded the PPS market in Europe and gained some substantive technical advantages. This tool head can provide a simple method. Alcoa has established the world's largest aluminum lithium alloy production plant in Lafayette to expand from 2D mechanical capacity to 3D applications with accurate multi axis interpolation

the scheme includes a new tool head design, which brings many technical advantages to the application of cutting machinery. It can provide multi-functional motion to perform precision cutting, and the unique advantage of low quality is to eliminate the tool head motion that needs to be bent due to cable operation. Due to its exceptionally low weight, it provides a new simple upgrade path in the CNC cutting machine machinery market. On the numcut tool head, a balance ring and two linear drives are used to form a universal 360 degree translation movement, and the controllable tilt angle is as high as 47 degrees. Compared with the traditional mechanism with three linear axis moving bearing columns installed on a fixed horizontal base, numcut provides a simple method for advanced three-dimensional performance. Num also provides a simpler and smaller version. Since the range and degree of use of the pressure testing machine is so wide, the tilt angle provided by the tool is easy to control. The tilt angle can reach 8 degrees to eliminate the plasma or water knife with taper. This product is quite small, allowing multiple tools to be installed and used. Not only that, as a three-dimensional tool head structure, Num also greatly saves energy and reduces the cost in the tool handle, and the physical size is greatly reduced to one third of the original

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