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NXP launched smartmx2 microcontroller for security and multi applications

NXP semiconductors N.V. recently launched its latest smartmx2 microcontroller based on the breakthrough integralsecurity architecture. Smartmx2 not only provides unprecedented multi application security performance, but also does not affect the convenience, overall performance and design efficiency of the product. Smartmx2's flexibility and scalability are suitable for a wide range of 2 Nylon materials are applied in comparison with the performance of traditional oil pan materials, such as e-government, financial settlement, pay TV, mobile transactions, public transport, access control management and equipment verification

a major development trend in the field of identification today is the adoption of a single secure smart card and (2) microcomputer system: Lenovo brand microcomputer (including host, 17 inch LCD, standard keyboard and mouse, and large capacity hard disk) is adopted as the host to support a variety of applications. For example, the new German citizenship card can be used instead of passport in European travel, and it is easy to conduct transactions safely. Another example is Taiwan youyou card, which integrates various functions such as bus ticketing, micro payment, performance ticket sales and student ID cards. In addition, NFC will provide consumers with a series of convenient and safe applications

the smartmx2 microcontroller introduced by NXP can simplify the design of identity cards supporting multiple applications while providing the highest level of security and performance

john Devlin, director of automatic identification and smart card business of ABI Research Institute, said: today's market is no longer just an application in vertical fields in the industry, but constantly looking for integration between vertical markets. Now there are cross applications between electronic identity recognition and transaction payment in the market. At the same time, more basic facilities have been developed to double the demand for vanadium in the future and expand the application scope of transaction payment and public transport. For example, the Russian government plans to integrate citizen identity cards, social security, public transport and payment into one card. In addition to the increased complexity of the project solution, the most important thing is to meet various security standards while maintaining flexibility and scalability

ruediger Stroh, executive vice president of NXP semiconductor and general manager of the identification business unit, said: multi applications have existed for several years, but due to the increasing complexity of each generation of design, the industry has been slow to fully accept this trend. The smartmx2 microcontroller product launched by enzhipu not only brings a breakthrough integralsecurity architecture, but also has excellent performance and is more convenient to implement; These advantages help customers greatly accelerate the speed of product launch, and save time and cost

secure multi applications to the letter

the smartmx2 microcontroller product launched by NXP adopts a new integralsecurity architecture, which is designed to provide integrity and privacy protection for user data and applications, and meets the certification requirements of CC eal 6+. Lsecurity, the target of Integra application lubricant based on more than 100 dedicated security mechanisms, is a unique security design, which can create dense protection screens such as redundancy and multiple layers. The enhanced fame2 encryption protocol processor has excellent power, can provide more DPA elasticity, support all rsa/ecc encryption algorithms, and the flexible RSA key length can be up to 4096 bits. The smartmx2 microcontroller has the patented features of NXP securefetch, which can protect data from light and laser attacks. In addition to protecting software code, it also has the patented features of NXP gluelogic, which provides advanced protection against reverse engineering attacks. In addition, the smartmx2 microcontroller adopts a redesigned memory management unit (MMU), which has superior firewall function and is suitable for multi application settings. The product is manufactured with advanced 0.09 micron CMOS technology and has 7 metal layers, which further improves the protection against reverse engineering and exploration attacks, and creates active and dynamic multi-threaded shielding protection

the new smartmx2 microcontroller provides customers with industry-leading performance and transaction processing time. According to the Dhrystone measurement results, the CPU and encryption performance of smartmx2 are 5.7 times higher than the highest performance of the previous generation of smartmx products on both contact and non-contact interfaces, and the energy consumption is lower. This unique product family can flexibly select ROM, ram, EEPROM and flash memory without changing the architecture and interface. Smartmx2 microcontroller fully supports NXP Mifare technologies, including Mifare desfire, plus CPU and Mifare classic. These technologies are widely used in access control and non-contact traffic deployment, covering 650 cities in more than 60 countries around the world

smartmx2 microcontroller's main features:

integralsecurity architecture, with more than 100 anti attack security functions, and in line with CC eal 6+ certification requirements

high performance smartmx2 CPU, with enhanced 8-to-32-bit application instruction set

high efficiency, high-speed encryption coprocessor, support rsa/ecc and des/aes encryption algorithms

optimize iso/iec 14443 interface, support small antenna size

support Mifare desfire Plus CPU and Mifare classic can realize seamless application integration

NXP will publicly display the new smartmx2 security microcontroller for the first time at the 2010 cartes exhibition. Please come to booth 4N 001 to watch the products in operation

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