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The top ten highlights of the electrical industry in 2008

first, it is said that the sales volume of China's electrical industry will exceed 2trillion yuan; China's installed capacity will exceed 800million kilowatts, maintaining the second place in the world, and the installed capacity gap with the United States will be further narrowed

the 10 billion yuan club will add new forces. Siemens power transmission and distribution (China) Co., Ltd., Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. and TBEA Co., Ltd., which have 13 operating companies, are expected to be shortlisted

the annual sales of the above three companies in 2006 were 7.624 billion yuan, 8 billion yuan and 5.914 billion yuan respectively. After a rapid growth of about 30% every year, enterprises mainly providing transmission and distribution equipment should sprint to the 10 billion yuan mark, which should be no suspense

previously, the annual sales of Harbin Electric Group, Dongfang Electric Group and Shanghai electric power station group have exceeded 10 billion yuan, XD has announced more than 10 billion yuan in 2007, and ABB China's sales in 2006 exceeded 20 billion yuan, which is expected to reach a new high in 2007

in March and early March, the first session of the Eleventh National People's Congress and the first session of the Eleventh National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference will be held on schedule. Will Xuji Wang Jinian, Zhengtai nancuhui, Delixi Hu Chengzhong, Tianzheng Gao Tianle and other members of the Standing Committee again? The development of new energy is at its peak. Is it possible for the chairman of some heavyweight enterprises such as Wuxi Suntech Shi Zhengrong, Jiangxi Saiwei Peng Xiaofeng, Jinfeng technology WISCO to appear at the two sessions? The ability of these representatives to participate in politics deserves attention

fourth, there will be a number of new listed companies in the electrical industry, and new billionaires will appear in the Jianghu. However, it is almost impossible to break the historical record of pengxiaofeng, the chairman of Jinfeng technology, whose listing in 2007 created 29 billionaires and Jiangxi Saiwei, whose value reached 40billion yuan. The solar energy and wind power equipment industry will develop unconventionally, and the hot topics in the industry are expected to become the focus of attention of the whole people

v. the lawsuit and dispute between Chint Group and Schneider Electric will continue to attract the attention of insiders. Can the huge compensation of more than 300 million yuan be paid in full? The hand to hand battle between the top seed players of low-voltage electric at home and abroad will become more beautiful because of the marriage between Delixi and Schneider. The low-voltage electrical pioneers based in Liushi are laying out the industrial upgrading of Shanghai, and the shortcomings of Shanghai are mutual. The history of China's low-voltage electrical industry is being rewritten

VI. in 2008, the Three Gorges project was basically completed, and the Beijing Olympic Games was held as scheduled. It is worth looking forward to whether the gas equipment in the Three Gorges and the Olympic Games can live up to expectations and operate stably within the same functional range; The first set of domestic equipment of a number of national key projects such as UHV demonstration projects will enter the development, installation and installation of PVDF membrane materials to resolve China's water crisis, trial operation and even business operation stage. Is it to meet the market needs of customers in these industries? Is it to build monuments or tombstones? It will be exciting

VII. Multinational companies rely on the advantages of technology, and the market reputation continues to rise. The brand actions of ABB, Alstom and other leaders in the power transmission and transformation equipment and power generation equipment industry will be eye-catching. The brand awareness of local enterprises is gradually awakening, and the wind of attaching importance to corporate image, caring about the seats in the industry and pursuing brand value is expected to spread from the low-voltage electrical industry and cable industry with low technical threshold and fierce competition to the transformer, switchgear industry and even the field of solar energy and wind energy equipment with high technical threshold and increasingly fierce competition

VIII. The large-scale restructuring of local enterprises has come to an end. It will be a small probability event to become a billionaire by restructuring state-owned enterprises or collective enterprises. In the past five years, hundreds of billionaires thanks to the restructuring will have to overcome many barriers, such as encouraging the senior management team, treating ordinary employees well, cultivating succession echelons, and catching up with multinational companies. Whether we can improve our internal skills here, that is, "treat the enterprise not only as a boss's enterprise, but also as a shareholder's enterprise, but also as a social enterprise", will be the key to determine whether its subjective desire to "build a century old store" can be realized

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