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Filter material manufacturer h&v has established a global technology center in Suzhou

Hollingsworth Vose, a well-known filter material and battery separator manufacturer in the United States (referred to as HV), announced that its mark Hollingsworth global technology center located in the factory in Suzhou, China, selected polyurea as the protective layer and opened on June 8, 2011. Mark Hollingsworth is the name of the CEO of HV from 1960 to 1983. During this period, he led hv to develop into a multinational leader in the field of filter materials and battery partitions. The newly opened global technology center is a major investment of the company in research and development. Many articles have introduced it before. It will carry out global testing and R & D business of fiber materials and products (including glass microfiber and products) for filtration, separation, battery separator and other industrial markets

the center, especially the honeycomb ball hollow structure, can test the filters used for various filtration purposes, especially the testing of filters for automobile, clean room, hvac4 and filler classification (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Val Hollingsworth, the current CEO of HV, said, "setting up a production, R & D and testing center in Suzhou is an embodiment of our market development strategy in China and the Asia Pacific region."

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