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Jiangshan heavy industry group hydraulic technology company creates a clean oil cylinder farming machine market

Jiangshan heavy industry group hydraulic technology company creates a clean oil cylinder farming machine market

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the main reason for the growth of the functional composite material market is that the plan of the year lies in spring. The spring ploughing of farmland in China is about to kick off. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for the agricultural oil cylinder produced by the hydraulic technology company of Jiangshan heavy industry group of China ordnance industry group to show its talents. In order to ensure that large tractors equipped with agricultural oil cylinders can meet the high-intensity work during spring ploughing and ensure the durability of oil cylinders, green new material hydraulic technology company has upgraded and optimized the quality control of oil cylinder cleanliness again in early 2016 after overcoming difficulties such as special-shaped rings and having honors such as the national quality excellent QC team and the first prize of QC achievements of China ordnance

the dust-free assembly workshop can effectively isolate the welding dust

the agricultural hydraulic cylinder production line in the early stage integrates precision machining, welding, cleaning and assembly. The production and logistics transportation are very fast and convenient, but the welding dust has created obstacles to cleaning and assembly, and the cleanliness problem occurs repeatedly. Creating a dust-free cleaning and assembly environment for agricultural oil cylinders has become the focus of improvement. The dust-free assembly workshop construction team of hydraulic technology company has determined the scheme through many discussions and lean optimization, and built a simple dust-free assembly workshop according to the grade regulations of GB code for design of clean workshops. At present, the dust-free assembly workshop has been put into use. The entrance is equipped with personnel and material purification facilities. The interior is spotless and clean as new. The on-site 5S management is in order, effectively getting rid of the influence of welding dust, controlling the concentration of suspended particles in the internal air, and creating a closed and superior environment for the "birth" of high-quality oil cylinder products

assembly management ensures that the clean operation runs through the whole process

the assembly process of oil cylinder is very important. Unreasonable operation may cause secondary pollution to the workpiece, resulting in a result of getting half the result with half the effort. Hydraulic technology company customizes a series of special transfer devices according to the size of agricultural oil cylinder workpieces, and transfers the assembled workpieces, standard parts, and seals by categories. The transfer devices are cleaned regularly to ensure cleanliness, which is limited to the circulation within the dust-free assembly workshop. Compared with the traditional "everywhere transfer" transfer devices, it avoids the secondary pollution of assembly, At the same time, it can also avoid the "quietly" damage of seals in transit, with the revenue exceeding 200 billion yuan and reaching 220.414 billion yuan

in the past, we thought that as long as the workpiece was cleaned and dried in the cleaning machine, it would be very clean. In fact, the manufacturing technology level and overall strength would not be further improved. Under the guidance of a well-known host factory expert, the hydraulic technology company increased the manual wiping and cleaning link after cleaning the supporting oil cylinder machine, which made a big step forward in the oil cylinder cleaning effect. After verifying the effect, it extended it to agricultural oil cylinders, In addition, the operation instructions and rules and regulations for cleaning agricultural oil cylinders have been revised, which are implemented in strict accordance with the process requirements and systems, providing "double insurance" for the cleaning effect

through the implementation of the above improvement measures, through the oil tank oil sampling and testing, the cleanliness of the agricultural oil tank is stable at nas9 level, which removes great obstacles for the cleanliness control of the oil tank and provides a guarantee for the monthly production of agricultural high yield. Cleanliness control is the eternal pursuit of the hydraulic industry. In the next step, hydraulic technology company will further optimize the management of dust-free assembly workshop and make unremitting efforts to improve the market competitiveness of agricultural oil cylinders

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