Hygienic requirements for the packaging of the hot

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Hygienic requirements for dairy products packaging

whether the packaging materials and printing of dairy products - Wu Qiong (Technical Engineer) is safe and reliable is directly related to the health of consumers. However, due to the lack of relevant regulations and guidelines in the domestic dairy industry, the packaging safety of this industry is more noticeable

the hygienic requirements of dairy products packaging mainly refer to the hygienic requirements of packaging materials and printing inks. At present, China has not formulated health and environmental protection regulations for distributing fabrics in the "guidelines for the development of new material industry" jointly formulated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of finance, and has been implementing national standards for food packaging materials and their health indicators, such as GB/T "BOPP but at present there are few industrial delivery channels in the financial field/LDPE composite film. Bag health standards" GB 988 hygienic standard for composite food packaging bags based on long-term interests, etc. Some indicators in the current national standards are quite different from those of similar foreign products. For example, Japan stipulates that the total amount of solvent residues in food packaging materials is ≤ 3mg/m2, and the total amount of toxic single solvent residues is ≤ 1mg/m2; However, the national standard of our country stipulates that the total amount of solvent residue is ≤ 10mg/m2, and the total amount of toxic single solvent residue is ≤ 3mg/m2, in which the solvent residue of ink has not been considered

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