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The Ministry of Commerce of India studies the export strategy of promoting chemical and plastic products

in order to improve the export growth rate, the Ministry of Commerce of India is studying the export strategy of promoting chemical and plastic products. Industry insiders said that India may support the export of related products in terms of preferential interest rates

in recent years, although the overseas market demand is relatively high, the export growth rate of India can only be regarded as moderate growth, which is far less rapid than that of Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. Data show that in terms of physicochemical properties, India's exports increased by 9.8% in fiscal years 17-18, while in fiscal years 2016-17, exports increased by only 5.2%

this is very inconsistent with the Indian government's expectations for exports. The Indian government has high hopes for export growth and hopes that in the next few years, by expanding the share of foreign trade, some manufacturers can only double the maximum output value of the Indian economy. This makes promoting rapid export growth an important goal of the Indian government in the near future. This constitutes the background for the Indian Ministry of Commerce to promote the export of chemical and plastic products

data show that India's exports of organic, inorganic and agricultural chemicals increased by 38% to US $10.7 billion in the last fiscal year. The export of plastic products increased by only 3% and reached US $16billion

easy to disassemble The main reasons for India's sluggish export growth are the impact of the reform of the goods and services tax and the tightening of bank credit. The Federation of Indian export organizations said in a statement that labor-intensive industries such as gemstones, jewelry, textiles and agricultural products are facing liquidity problems as banks and lending institutions tighten their lending regulations

in response to this problem, hassad Desai, chairman of the All India Plastic Manufacturers Association, pointed out in an interview that the Indian government would consider measures such as preferential interest rates to promote the export of plastic products in the future. At the same time, due to the improvement of EU standards, India aims to export plastic products to the Middle East, China and other countries and regions

what are the standards or methods to regulate the quality of masks? In fact, our country has long had a complete set of national standards for medical masks and textile products

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