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Industry information printing package: ERP helps printing enterprises control costs and increase benefits

on November 26, 2013 Beijing green printing industry promotion business exchange conference officially kicked off at the home of Chinese workers in Beijing. It attracted many equipment and material suppliers in Beijing to attend the meeting and make suggestions to promote the rapid development of green printing industry in Beijing

in recent years, due to the slow growth of the market economy and the rising labor costs, the development of the printing industry has been restricted to a certain extent, making printing enterprises begin to transform, invest in the packaging market, introduce new digital equipment, etc. in contrast, how much is the investment in software products? At this green printing exchange exhibition, Beijing Gongxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. has its own views on this issue

as a professional and leading management software developer in China, it is a high-tech enterprise and scientific and technological innovation enterprise certified by the Ministry of science and technology. The products of Beijing Gongxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. are information solutions for the printing and packaging industry (printing and packaging ERP). Gongxinchun b/s architecture printing ERP system is an industry-leading information management system that can record the pressure generated by the equipment in the process of operation in real time. Now, the force generated by this kind of graphene material in local area under light conditions is more than 1000 times of the traditional light pressure, and can be operated in wide area

Mr. zhuchenglin, sales consultant of Beijing Gongxin Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that Gongxin's products are mainly aimed at printing plants, packaging plants, especially book printing enterprises. Beijing also has a large customer base, such as Beijing Shangtang Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Sijiqing Printing Co., Ltd. and Beijing tianyuxing Printing Co., Ltd., which are all users of industrial information products. Most of the products of industrial information are for small and medium-sized printing enterprises. It integrates the advanced management ideas of hundreds of Indian enterprises, extracts the essence of the management of each Indian enterprise, and implements the true friction of enterprise management. It makes the management of all links of Indian enterprises easy and convenient, with clear rights and responsibilities, and realizes the scientific sharing of information and strict authority control, which improves the work efficiency, enhances the ability to generate income, effectively controls all costs, and greatly increases the benefits of enterprises

Zhu Chenglin said that printing enterprises have gradually strengthened their acceptance of printing management software. More and more printing enterprises are aware that scientific and perfect information management mode has gradually penetrated into all industries and gradually become the main way of management. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a set of scientific processes to replace the old production management mode

based on the principles of exploration, innovation, persistence and endeavor, Beijing Gongxin will also be determined to become an industry leader and make greater contributions to the real realization of information management, improvement of work efficiency and greater social benefits for printing and packaging enterprises

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