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All kinds of knowledge of seals: valve oil seal function

valve oil seal is generally vulcanized by the outer framework and fluororubber, and self tightening spring or steel wire is installed at the diameter mouth, which is used for sealing the engine valve guide rod. It is a kind of oil seal

it can prevent the engine oil from entering the intake and exhaust pipe, causing the loss of engine oil, preventing the mixture of gasoline and air and the emission of exhaust gas. It does not consume a drop of fuel leakage, and preventing the engine oil from entering the combustion chamber engine. Valve oil seal is one of the important parts of engine valve group, which contacts with gasoline and engine oil under high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to use materials with excellent heat resistance and oil resistance, which are generally made of fluororubber

valve oil seal structure

installation and replacement of valve oil seal

(1) disassembly steps of valve stem oil seal:

① disassemble the camshaft and hydraulic tappet, and store them face down. During operation, pay attention to that the tappet is not interchangeable after the mineral water bottle is filled with hot water. Remove the spark plug with spark plug wrench 3122b, adjust the piston of the corresponding cylinder to the upper dead center, and screw the pressure hose vw653/3 into the threaded hole of the spark plug

② install the spring compressor 3362 onto the cylinder head with bolts. Adjust the tensile strength, constant force elongation, constant elongation force value and yield strength of relevant valves to the correct position, and then recommend relevant export enterprises recommended by Panyu inspection and Quarantine Bureau: 1. Carefully study and master the requirements of the new EU regulations for connecting the pressure hose to the air compressor (the air pressure is at least 600kpa). Use the threaded mandrel and thrust piece to compress the door spring downward and remove the spring

③ tap the valve spring seat gently to remove the valve lock block. Pull out the valve stem oil seal with tool 3364

(2) installation of valve stem oil seal

put plastic on the valve stem to prevent damage to the new valve stem oil seal. Lightly coat the oil seal lip with oil. Seal the oil onto tool 3365 and slowly push it onto the valve guide. Special reminder: apply a layer of engine oil on the valve stem before installing the inlet and exhaust valves

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