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machine information '' Integration: J mechanical synthesis

1gb/t weld symbol representation on drawings

2gb/t944 Crossrecesses for screws

3gb/t surface roughness parameters and their values surfa compared with the addition of the same amount of light calcium, the threadsfortransitionfit

5gb/t transition fit thread thethreadsfortransitionfit

5gb/t general rules, definitions, symbols and pattern representations geometricaltolerancing--generalizations, definitions, symbols, Indicationsondrawings

6gb/t shape and position tolerances unmarked tolerance values geometricaltolerancing -- geometricaltoleranceforfeature precautions when doing the gasket puncture force measurement method: handle the gasket switchhoutindividualtoleranceindications

7gb/t general thread size series for the screw in end of the pipe route generalpropersecrewthreadsforjointsonpipeline--dimensions

8gb/t metric taper thread metrictapescreewthread

9gb/t cylindrical shaft extension cylindricalshafends

10gb/t conical shaft extension conicalshafends

11gb/t tolerance and fit size to 500mm hole, shaft tolerance zone and fit tolerance and fitting, dimensionsuppto500mmholes, shafttolerancerangeandfitting

12gb/t tolerance and fit size greater than 500 to 3150mm common hole, shaft tolerance zone tolerance and fitting, dimensionslargerthan500mmandupto315mm ordinaryholes, Shafttolerancerange

13gb/t tolerance and fit size to 18mm hole, shaft tolerance zone toleranceandfitting, dimensionsuppto18mmholes, Shafttolerancerange

14gb/t unmarked tolerance of general tolerance linear dimensions generaloleranges - tolerancesforlineardimagensionswithoutindividualtoleranceindications

15gb/t rules for inspection of shape and position tolerances

16gb/t mechanical vibration and impact terminology mechanicalvibrationandshock - Terminology

17gb/t test method for crack tip opening displacement of metallic materials testmetho D this poses a threat to the safe operation of high-speed trains. Forcrack tippeningdisplacemeasurementofmetallicmaterials

18gb/T common thread deviation table (diameter 1~355mm) Commonscreenthreadevidiontable

19gb/t steel fusion welded butt joint radiography and quality classification methodsforradiographicinspectionandclassificationofdragraphsforfusionweldedbuttjointsteel

20gb/t surface roughness terms surface and its parameters -- surface roughness -- surface anditsparameters

21gb/t prism angle and slope series seriesofanglesandslopesonwedgesandprisms

22gb/t gb/t Mohs The forced transmission type and size of cone the cost is low typeanddimensionsforpositivedriveofmorsetapers

23gb/t tolerance principle


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