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Zhejiang promotes the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags

promoting the use of degradable plastic bags to reduce white pollution should be fully promoted as an environmental protection cause. Recently, in interviews in Hangzhou, Wenzhou and other cities, it was found that the promotion and use of green plastic bags in Zhejiang was not smooth. It can be said that the current situation is advancing in exploration. Hangzhou: stumbling

since the first half of last year, the Hangzhou municipal government has begun to promote the use of degradable plastic bags in the farmers' market and took the lead in piloting them in Gudang farmers' market. This kind of method is relatively simple and simple. There are 101 farmers' markets in Hangzhou. At present, 50% of the farmers' markets have used green shopping bags, and most of these farmers' markets are representative large farmers' markets in the city. It is expected that about 80% of the farmers' markets in the urban area will use environmentally friendly plastic bags by the end of this year

however, the promotion of green shopping bags in Hangzhou is not plain sailing. At the beginning of the promotion of environmental protection bags, some farmers' market operators resolutely did not use them because the price was higher than that of ordinary plastic bags. Some stall owners set up obstacles for the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags on groundless grounds such as the weakness of environmentally friendly plastic bags. In addition, some market managers do not have a clear attitude towards promoting the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags, which also makes it more difficult to promote. According to President Guo of Hangzhou Maoda Environmental Biochemistry Co., Ltd., the only enterprise in Hangzhou that produces degradable plastic bags, the company only produced 200000 degradable plastic bags a day, and the devices were on and off

relevant people from Hangzhou Trade Bureau believe that it is completely conditional to change plastic bags based on Hangzhou's economic development level, and the promotion of environmental protection bags is blocked, which is more about the concept and the interests behind it. To this end, Hangzhou has issued a series of relevant policies: in November last year, Hangzhou issued the measures for the administration of environmental protection in the service industry, which stipulates that "the use of non naturally degradable plastic packaging bags in the business activities of service projects is prohibited"; The regulations of Hangzhou on the administration of city appearance and environmental sanitation, which came into force on July 1 this year, clearly stipulates that "the production, sale and use of non degradable disposable plastic products are prohibited, and the structure of China's plastic machinery is adjusted to enhance the development space of the extruder industry". The refined oil of Maozhan refining and chemical base can be piped to Zhujiang 3 corner and the southwest market; Recently, the promotion and use of degradable plastic packaging bags has been included in the regulation of farmers' markets, and the use of degradable plastic bags has been taken as one of the conditions for the evaluation of "green markets" and "green supermarkets". This series of measures has played a good role, making the promotion of environmental protection plastic bags in Hangzhou gradually smooth

Wenzhou: it's not negotiable to ban sales.

now in Lucheng District, Wenzhou, people basically carry bamboo baskets when they go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, and few use plastic bags. It is understood that the Lucheng District Government of Wenzhou recently issued a "notice on the prevention and control of white pollution and the prohibition of the use of non degradable plastic products". From June 15 this year, Lucheng District of Wenzhou City will completely stop the sale and use of non degradable disposable plastic products, and the violators will be punished

at the beginning, most manufacturers, merchants and operators were on the sidelines. On June 28, the relevant departments in Wenzhou conducted the first joint inspection on the prohibition of white goods in the farmers' market. The inspectors confiscated the non degradable products and criticized and educated the relevant stall owners. The decisive action of the government has enabled the promotion of environmental friendly plastic bags in Wenzhou to be carried out smoothly and rapidly. According to local media reports, there are six enterprises producing degradable plastic bags in Wenzhou, with a market supply of about 2-3 tons a day, while the demand is more than 7 tons a day. The supply is about 1/3 of the demand, and the gap is about 1million. Many outlets of degradable plastic bags in Lucheng District began to be "out of stock" due to the sharp increase in sales

Government: Advance in exploration

although Zhejiang Province has encountered various obstacles in the process of promoting environmentally friendly plastic bags, the attitude of the provincial government has always been very clear, that is, to adhere to this cause. Now many regions in Zhejiang, including Ningbo, Jiaxing and other cities have issued corresponding regulations

some cities have responded quickly to the problems encountered in the promotion of environmentally friendly plastic bags. For example, aiming at the problems of insufficient supply, single variety and relatively expensive price of degradable plastic bags, Wenzhou municipal government will take the following measures while taking mandatory measures: first, consider establishing a production license system for plastic food bags, separating food bags from non food bags, so as to solve the problem of lack of food grade plastic raw materials; Second, let traditional plastic processing enterprises produce environmental protection plastic bags in the form of franchise license, so as to solve the problem of insufficient supply of environmental protection plastic bags; Third, it is suggested that the farmers' market provide free stalls for manufacturers to solve the problem of imperfect sales points

Liu Weiping, Dean of the school of environment and resources of Zhejiang University, said that the tension experimental machine adopts an all digital, 3-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on neuron self-adaptive PID algorithm. In fact, the most critical thing depends on the implementation strength and guidance method of the government. "If the publicity is in place, everyone will slowly start using degradable plastic products, and the cost will naturally come down.". In addition, if the enterprises that produce degradable environmental protection plastic bags can further reduce the price and cooperate with the management department to take effective inspection and punishment measures, the effect may be better

source: China Chemical Industry News

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