Top 40 nonwovens producers in the world in 2020

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2020 top 40 nonwovens producers in the world release date: Source: International Nonwovens Industry business information

the growth of the global nonwovens industry in 2019 seems to be slowing down. After several years of ambitious investment and some quite radical mergers and acquisitions, many major nonwovens manufacturers seemed to be evaluating their assets and focusing on innovation last year. This means that there are not many significant changes in the ranking of this year's global top 40 reports. No new companies joined and no one quit

of course, the situation in 2020 is completely different. As novel coronavirus spread worldwide in the first and second quarters of 2020, nonwoven manufacturers quickly mobilized to increase production capacity and shifted their focus to technology and products to help prevent the spread of the virus

in fact, many industry experts say that the investment and demand level of nonwovens has reached an unprecedented level. All countries in the world are looking at the materials used in masks, surgical clothes and other personal protective products, and the nonwoven industry has ushered in a highlight moment

many nonwovens manufacturers who have never been involved in the business of masks and medical surgical clothing have rapidly reallocated their production capacity. Johnsmanville, a construction expert, has established a production department for medical surgical clothing and masks in North America. There are also rumors that FITESA will increase melt blown production lines

similarly, companies that have been deeply involved in these fields have greatly increased their production capacity. Berryglobal has not only increased melt blown capacity on four continents, but also installed nine production lines worldwide to produce masks. DuPont launched a program to improve tevek nonwovens for protective clothing. Jacobholm partnered with underarmour to produce medical clothing and masks for emergency personnel, which greatly increased production. The company announced a global investment plan. Lydall, a filtration expert, with the help of the U.S. Department of defense, added two melt blown production lines in Rochester, New Hampshire to supply the mask market

this list continues, and the nonwoven industry will face unprecedented expansion. These new production lines have been spread all over the world. Although they initially targeted to meet the demand for personal protective products, this was not only caused by the current epidemic, but also because governments called for the strategic storage of these items for the future. However, this demand will not last forever, and eventually these companies need to find new uses and markets for these materials

this year's top 40 world nonwoven manufacturers report includes 40 nonwoven manufacturers worldwide. Many leading companies are located in mature markets such as the United States and Western Europe, and companies from developing regions are also playing an increasing role. Many companies from developing countries such as Brazil, Turkey, China and the Czech Republic have appeared in this year's top 40. With the continuous development of these emerging market companies, we are bound to see their ranking rise in the next few years

as in previous years, the ranking is based on the sales of each company in 2019. For the sake of comparison, all sales are converted from the domestic currency to the United States. Since the fluctuation of exchange rate will have a significant impact on the ranking, we should not stick to the ranking when looking at this report. We should pay attention to all the innovative measures and investments made by these companies. The sales listed in the table are basically from the data provided by each company, except Kimberly Clark, Saudi germannonwovens and johnsmanville, which are estimated based on industry news

1 berryglobal

in order to quickly respond to the challenges posed by the COVID-19, berryglobal (berry International) has been actively investing in the past few months to increase new production capacity. The world's largest nonwovens manufacturer announced a new melt blown production line, while also transforming the existing test line for commercial production. Once these investments are completed, berry will have a total of 9 melt blown production lines, enabling the company to supply locally in major regions of the world

the Investment announced in May in Latin America is Berry's first melt blown line in the region. Its proprietary technology can significantly improve the filtration efficiency and comfort of materials, making it very suitable for the production of n95/ffp2/ffp3 protective masks and surgical/medical masks. Just before the outbreak of the COVID-19, berry had completed the construction of a meltblown line to serve the Asian market, initially focusing on indoor air purification, masks and air filtration markets. When this production line was put into operation in the first quarter of 2020, berry immediately realized the need to increase melt blown capacity, and soon announced the investment in production lines in Europe, Latin America, the United States and the United Kingdom

in addition to the investment in non-woven fabric production capacity, berry will gradually join the production of masks. The company has purchased and installed nine masks production equipment, including one in China, one in Europe, five in the United States and two in Latin America. The total monthly production capacity can exceed 20million masks

through these investments, berry expanded the Synergex product line and developed Synergex one, a new material for mask filter media. Synergex products were originally developed to meet the needs of the general population, and the filtration efficiency conforms to the en14683:2019 surgical mask standard. The new material will be produced at Berry's European plant. At present, there are many kinds of materials available on the market. Synergexone is a solution that can replace the conventional resident melt blown materials

in addition to melt blowing, Berry's two-component reicof product structure in China is uneven. The new Il5 production line has been fully put into operation and has been operating at full capacity. This new production line was announced in 2017, adding 20000 tons of spinning and melting nonwovens capacity to the company, which can produce special soft materials for sanitary products. At the beginning of 2020, berry used most of the production capacity of the new production line to produce PPE materials to deal with novel coronavirus, but recently, the production line has been producing high bulky soft materials originally designed for the sanitary products market to meet the market demand for differentiated, high-performance and high sex price ratio materials

in terms of other investments, berry announced in May that it would expand its spinning and melting capacity in stasville, North Carolina. New equipment with an investment of 8million US dollars will be installed here, and the existing production line will be improved. The spunbonded and spun melt products produced will be based on Berry's proprietary technology to provide more beautiful, better feel and more comfortable materials. The new equipment and expanded capacity are expected to be put into operation in December 2021

2 freudenbergperformancematerials

in May 2020, Freudenberg, the world's second largest nonwovens producer, strengthened its nonwovens business by acquiring low Bonar, which mainly produces colbond and nonwovens used in construction, Geotextiles and other application fields. The acquisition will enable kedebao to further expand its technical expertise in the field of nonwovens. In addition, the acquisition will open up new business areas for kedebao

Dr. frankheislitz, CEO of kedebao high performance materials group, stressed: "as a pioneer in the field of spunbonded non-woven fabric production, kedebao has been providing customers with materials manufactured based on one-step production process since 1968. Low Bonar's two-step process solution will provide us with greater flexibility, and we will be able to customize more personalized solutions according to customers' specifications." Kedebao will provide customers with a wider range of products to fully meet the application needs of the construction, interior decoration, home textile and automotive industries. In addition, the enka brand of low & Bonar has a leading edge in the building materials market

after the acquisition of low & Bonar, kedebao high performance materials group now has 35 production bases in Asia, Europe and North America (the past 24), with a total staff of about 5500 (the past 4000)

in terms of other acquisitions, in December 2019, Kodak acquired filic, a Slovenian acupuncture manufacturer, which enabled Kodak to expand its business and technical footprint in Europe. Dr. heislitz said, "I think this is a great opportunity to globalize our acupuncture business."

Filic company produces needled non-woven fabrics and laminated materials, which are mainly used in the automotive and construction industries. "FilC has a very rich knowledge of acupuncture technology, and we will benefit from it, especially in composite materials. The company's excellent adhesive coating ability allows us to provide solutions for customers in related fields of the construction industry," Dr. heislitz said, "In addition, we will also expand automatic calibration: the system can automatically achieve the calibration of indication accuracy; expand the technical range in the field of architectural and automotive acoustics, and provide customers with more combinations of lamination, printing and coating technologies."

in 2020, COVID-19 had a different impact on the business departments of kedebao. Heislitz said, "the biggest disadvantage is the clothing market. Many factories in this industry have closed all over the world, especially in Asia. People stay at home and don't go out to buy clothes. I think this industry will be difficult in the next few years." Automobile is another industry that has been negatively affected

the medical industry shows a positive side. Heislitz said, "everyone is looking for materials for medical products, such as masks. This means a huge demand for meltblown and alternative meltblown materials."

kedebao has many nonwoven technologies (including evolon) applied to the mask market, and they are also increasing melt blown capacity to serve the market. For example, a melt blown production line has been added to its spunbonded plant in Kaiserslautern, Germany, which will be put into production at the end of 2020 or early 2021

in addition, cordobao completed the sale of its South American health business to FITESA in February. "In the past few years, we found that the strategic applicability of this business within the company was limited, so we made this decision." Dr heislitz said

for the whole kedebao, medical treatment has always been its business focus, and they continue to devote themselves to developing products based on Nonwovens and other related technologies. In the UK, the company has carried out many advanced wound care applications based on polyurethane foam, and recently the impact testing machine industry is triggering a green revolution. It has acquired a medical film company to develop market-oriented value-added products

3 Ahlstrom munksjo

ahlstrom munksj's net sales decreased slightly in 2019, due to the rise in selling prices and the decline in delivery in most of the company's key regions. At the same time, the profitability of the group has also declined, which is also due to the decline in sales

In 2020, Ahlstrom munksj actively responded to the challenge of the COVID-19, combining its traditional mask products with other medical technologies to create new products

"by reallocating resources, the medical and filtration business has jumped out of our traditional production field, reused existing products that were not suitable for mask production, and conducted qualification certification, thus increasing our mask production capacity by three times." Lionelbonte, vice president of the company's medical business, said

In May, Ahlstrom munksj launched exiaprotect products specially designed for mask applications. Exiaprotect

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