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Install face recognition machine, drive drone patrol... New career refraction innovation drive heat

install face recognition machine, drive drone patrol... New career refraction innovation drive heat

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original title: install face recognition machine, drive drone patrol... New career refraction innovation drive heat

with the acceleration of economic transformation and upgrading, the employment market is changing. New industries and new drivers are emerging, and new technologies such as IOT, big data and cloud computing are widely used, giving birth to a series of new professional and technical occupations. IOT installation and debugging personnel, agricultural managers, automated terminal remote monitors... These occupations continue to emerge, reflecting the significant effect of innovation drive in all walks of life

IOT installation and debugging personnel -

"the market has a great demand for face recognition machines, and we are busy"

"turn left, and be higher." Hearing the sound, Wang Shuang, standing on the herringbone ladder, dismounted the face recognition machine, readjusted the angle, and inserted the cable again. He has to repeat this neat action several times a day. He didn't get down from the ladder until his colleagues on the ground made a successful gesture to him

Wang Shuang is an IOT hardware installation and debugging worker in Yubei District of Chongqing, mainly responsible for installing face recognition machines

every morning, Wang Shuang runs around the streets with his colleagues, carrying a toolbox and a herringbone ladder. It takes about an hour to install a face recognition machine. Sometimes the task is tight. More than 10 machines need to be installed a day. I am busy until 2 a.m. and then go home

this job is not easy. "There are too many factors to consider." Wang Shuang said that the distribution of face recognition machines is mainly concentrated in densely populated areas, such as intersections, sidewalks and so on. Is it convenient to get electricity and connect? Is it suitable for wall mounting? Is it backlight? Before installation, it is necessary to step on the site in advance and make preparations. In principle, the nearest power cable shall be taken for wall installation. If conditions do not permit, it is necessary to pull wires and erect poles

"after installation, it is not a complete success, and it needs to be debugged according to the actual situation." Wang Shuang said with gestures that the height and focusing distance should be appropriate. Generally, the installation height is more than two meters, and the focusing distance is not as far as possible. It is inversely proportional to the recognition angle, so we should find a balance between the two and give full play to the maximum utility

one debugging impressed Wang Shuang. The public security department regularly randomly checks the face recognition machine, and after an inspection, it proposes to increase the lens recognition angle of a park in Yubei district. Shortly after the transfer, a robbery occurred in the park. Thanks to that debugging, the face recognition machine succeeded in capturing, and the public security department quickly arrested the four suspects through face retrieval and trajectory tracking

"the market is in great demand for face recognition machines, and we are busy." Last month, Wang Shuang and his colleagues just installed more than 300 personal face recognition machines on Konggang Avenue in Yubei district. Before they could catch their breath, they received a new task, this time 3000. "I think it's valuable to be able to contribute to urban security!" Wang Shuang's mouth turned up and said confidently

agricultural Manager -

"what and how I plant, they follow me"

from a post-80s farming expert to a professional agricultural manager, Xie Changsheng showed his skills in the vast field

Xie Changsheng is a major vegetable grower in Xingyang village, Yangliu Town, Xuancheng, Anhui Province, and is also the only agricultural manager in the village. In 2018, Xie Changsheng wanted to get rich together with the people in the village, and found nieguangfu, who was highly respected

"after growing rice for decades, he suddenly asked me to grow vegetables. What should I do if I lose?" Nie Guangfu refused at first. "Later, he promised to underwrite, and I agreed to have a try."

choose high-quality seeds, sprinkle organic fertilizers, spray biological pesticides, and find professional agronomists when you have diseases and pests... A set of procedures came down. Nie Guangfu's Eggplant Yield per mu reached 7000 kg, far higher than the yield of ordinary eggplants on the market, and then completely lock the black knob. After the eggplant was produced, it was purchased by Xie Changsheng and sold to Japan after processing. Last year, only one season of eggplant increased Nie Guangfu's income by nearly 60000 yuan

in this way, Xie Changsheng is not only responsible for his 380 mu of land, but also gradually took over the vegetable planting of more than 900 mu of land of other villagers

"I'm responsible for planting what and how, and they follow me." Xie Changsheng said, "most of the vegetables we grow are sold abroad. I will pay all the initial expenses. When purchasing, I can deduct the price of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, which not only unifies the management of quality and quantity, but also broadens the hearts of farmers."

as a new profession, agricultural managers should not only give technical support to farmers and help them sell and process products, but also work hard on management

"I hired 11 workers, one of whom is the team leader. I gave the task of the day to the team leader and told everyone to finish work early and leave work early." Xie Changsheng said that through this method, the efficiency of workers has been improved a lot

at 4 a.m., a truck full of fresh vegetables set out from the vegetable field of Xingyang village in the dark and drove to Zhejiang Communication University. Originally, due to the high quality of peppers, pumpkins and potatoes planted in the village, Xie Changsheng also developed a source of vegetables for the university canteen. Under the care of Xie Changsheng, not only the longer the crops in the field, the weight of the car body can be reduced by 40 (5) 0%, but also the more prosperous the villagers are

UAV patrol Inspector -

"with UAVs, women can also do patrol inspection, and they are no worse than men"

"in the past, for women, physical strength was hard injury." Chen Yifan, a female aircraft inspector, said, "now, with drones, women can also do patrol inspection, and they are no worse than men."

what Chen Yifan said about the work is to manually inspect the transmission line. Previously, the staff had to wear heavy uniform clothes, step on foot nails, climb to a place 80 meters high, and use binoculars to check whether the equipment on the base tower was normal. At this height, if you are not careful, there will be danger. Coupled with the sun and rain, mosquito bites, it is a great test for the physical and psychological health of staff

now, because of unmanned aerial vehicles, this traditional work has a new working mode. Chen Yifan is the captain of the female UAV flying team of the first power transmission Management Institute of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. this team was established in July last year and is all composed of female UAV pilots

"with UAV, the efficiency is improved by about 8 times." Speaking of the efficiency of drones, Xiao Zhenhui, the monitor of the machine patrol team, calculated the workload of four people in four hours before. Now with drones, two people can complete it in one hour. "It's not only faster, but also more accurate." According to the statistics of the Institute, more than 90% of the defects were found by UAVs last year, which is much higher than the accuracy of telescope observation

"the drone cannot be too close to the wire, otherwise it will be affected by the radio waves, because it needs to take photos for analysis, and it cannot be too far away." Chen Yifan and the team members summed up a set of experience. They will adjust the parameter settings of UAV according to different weather, wind force, wind speed, etc. "The photos taken back will be sorted out and preserved for later data analysis."

rich practical experience in taking down samples makes Xiao Zhenhui also have his own understanding of the work of aircraft inspectors: "UAV is a tool in the past spring torque test. How to better play the role of UAV depends on people, and we should constantly explore according to the actual needs."

automatic terminal remote monitor -

"innovation defines the future and constantly defines the role of workers"

in the port, bridge crane drivers are considered to be one of the most skilled and difficult jobs. Wang Yang, who joined Qingdao port in 2007, spent nine years growing into an excellent bridge crane driver. However, since the completion of Qingdao automatic wharf, Wang Yang's hard-earned technology has no place to play

now, there is no one above the dock, which is mainly in blue, and it is very quiet. The "protagonists" transporting goods are fully automated double trolley bridge cranes, automated guided trolleys, fully automated rail cranes and other equipment. Here, nine people can do the work of more than 60 people in the traditional wharf. The high-intensity manual workers have changed and become the commanders who control the "brain" of the wharf. Their official name is no longer the driver, but the remote monitor

"for us, this is unimaginable subversion." Wang Yang said that the driver of the front axle crane works at high altitude all year round and observes the operation through the transparent glass under his feet. He has to experience the sun exposure in summer and the cold in winter. "At the end of the day, don't mention how uncomfortable it is."

now, Wang Yang's working environment is no different from that of enterprise white-collar workers. "The automated wharf has liberated me from heavy physical labor. Now I have more time to recharge and improve myself, and I also have more energy to accompany my family." Wang Yang said

at the same time, new challenges follow. In order to meet the operation requirements of the automated terminal, Wang Yang needs to learn the equipment operation process, understand computer programs and other professional knowledge. Because the fault codes of the operating system are in English, English has also become a compulsory course for him. "The new role requires us to not only master the operations in front of the console, but also have a comprehensive understanding of the entire automated terminal system."

as one of the main designers of the automated terminal, Yang Jiemin, deputy general manager of Qingdao xinqianwan Container Terminal Co., Ltd., said that the automated terminal has completely subverted the image of the terminal, and workers need to constantly learn the most cutting-edge scientific research knowledge and transform into high-tech talents

"new technologies are constantly being applied to the wharf. We have successfully completed the control operation of automatic quayside crane based on 5g connection, and realized the grabbing and transportation of containers through wireless network." Yang Jiemin said, "innovation defines the future and constantly defines the role of workers."


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