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Paper color digital proofing scheme

paper color digital proofing scheme combines advanced software and hardware technology to achieve high-efficiency and high-quality printing proofing, with obvious use characteristics

1. Digital proofing with paper can realistically simulate the printing color, making it possible to predict the printing effect before printing

2. Low cost and short production cycle

the design of the overall process is to sample first and then produce the film; Therefore, once you find that the quality of proofing is not satisfactory, you can modify it immediately

3. The quality of digital proofing is stable, and it is not affected by the environment such as disc springs, shrapnel, etc. and human factors of 30million pages. The color printer used for digital proofing is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, which can be adjusted automatically when the temperature and humidity change

4. With less equipment investment and small space occupation, it is convenient and flexible to conduct network proofing. Through the internal network, the same newspaper office can share a set of color proofing system for all staff. In daily work, the staff of each department can finish the draft and proofing at any time, without waiting for all the layout work to be completed before proofing, so that they can leave time for themselves to modify the text and image colors

5. All kinds of documents such as PDF, tiff, PS and EPS can be output

due to the excellent characteristics of the paper digital proofing system, its introduction has won users more valuable production time, provided a convenient preview proofing tool, and achieved a unified quality standard for the arrangement and printing of color newspapers. Prepress proofing can be easily realized in the department or printing plant, thus changing the status quo that the printing color of newspapers and periodicals cannot be predicted and the printing quality cannot be guaranteed for a long time

I believe that the application of paper color digital proofing in practical work is necessary. 4. Press the "#/print" button in the status setting, which will bring great convenience and good economic benefits to newspapers, printing houses and

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