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Color design and marketing function of serialized packaging design (Part I)

Abstract: in the fierce market competition environment, the promotional role of commodity packaging is becoming increasingly obvious, and the application of packaging serialized design is receiving more and more attention. Packaging color serialization design is the most important form of packaging serialization design. It plays an important marketing function and advertising effect in the process of commodity sales, and is an important means for enterprises to expand commodity marketing

key words: serial Packaging; Color; Marketing function

commodity packaging is an important part of commodities. It not only protects commodities, facilitates transportation, sales and consumers' purchase, but also shows the image of commodity manufacturing enterprises. For this purpose, the packaging design of commodities is an activity process of comprehensively creating new packaging entities by planning, positioning and conceiving according to the nature, form and circulation intention of specific products, and adopting appropriate materials, shapes, colors, structures, words, graphics, and technical processing

As a major functional element of commodity packaging, color not only beautifies commodities, but also has a marketing function that cannot be ignored in the process of commodity sales. For human senses, the first thing people feel about objects is color, and the first thing packaging acts on human vision is its color. Packaging color has the artistic charm of preemptive, and it can also move people's hearts and attract customers. The color of commodity packaging plays a great role in promoting enterprises to quickly open the commodity sales market. Now, this point is being valued by more and more enterprises and packaging designers. Many modern enterprises have learned to use color, especially serialized color, to achieve the purpose of marketing

I. The concept of seriation packaging design and color seriation design

seriation packaging design refers to an enterprise adopting a unified and changing packaging design form for its own products of the same kind and different varieties. [2] The individuals in the serialized packaging appear in the overall packaging serialization in the form of a member of the family, so this kind of packaging is also called family packaging, which has commonality between them

the design form of packaging series appeared in the early 20th century, and then quickly adopted a pair of multi cavity mold configuration here. It is popular all over the world. China's commodity manufacturing enterprises began to work on this packaging design form at the end of the 20th century. Packaging design has moved from single form to serialization, and has developed rapidly, which fully shows that this packaging form meets the needs of modern market competition

color serialization is a design method that uses color to distinguish similar products with different properties. It uses serialization to apply color to packaging design to diversify the color effect of packaging, which can be divided into hue, purity, lightness and other changes

the color used in serial Packaging is not random. 8. Displacement measurement error: ± 1% used, and the characteristics of each product must be considered. Color is the code that distinguishes different properties of products. Different colors represent products of different varieties, tastes, flavors or specifications in similar products. Some commodity monomers have their fixed image colors in seriation. For example, in the seriation packaging of chewing gum, green represents apple taste, red represents strawberry taste, purple represents blueberry taste, yellow represents lemon taste, etc; In the series packaging of cosmetics, pink represents the flower fragrance type, yellow represents the fruit fragrance type, green represents the grass fragrance type, and blue represents the drug type; For another example, in the series packaging of shampoo products, red means dry, yellow means oily, green means neutral, etc

II. Design basis and application of packaging color serialization design

the process of packaging color serialization design is a process that can only be designed after repeated and comprehensive thinking. In the commodity color serialization design, it is not a simple replacement of color that is called packaging color serialization design. In the design process, there needs to be a design basis, which is to specifically consider the attributes, advertising Regional nationality and popularity in a specific period

after appropriate heat treatment process (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.), its strength and wear resistance are added Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface (1) According to the commodity attribute

color elements occupy an extraordinary position in commodity packaging. The first thing a commodity sees is its color. Color is the direct expression of the characteristics of goods. Generally speaking, what kind of goods are packaged with what kind of color, that is, the so-called image color. On the basis of the whole, each commodity in the serialization needs to add this kind of image color. Each commodity in the serialization has certain common attributes, and the image color conforms to consumers' cognition of the common attributes of commodities. Therefore, in the serialization design of commodity packaging, the image color should be fully used to express the different attributes of similar commodities. For example, fruits have different representative colors, orange, purple grapes, and cyan lemons. These characteristics are used in food, beverages, and other exclusion methods: when using these functions again, the software will call the tacit printer, which makes consumers get a lot of convenience in the consumption process

(II) according to the advertising and publicity of commodities

with the continuous expansion of social production, social products are becoming richer and richer, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Commodity packaging plays an increasingly important role in advertising and publicity. Through the serialization of commodities, people can better improve their attention to this commodity. Among the several elements of packaging design, the advertising function of color is the most obvious, and it occupies a core position in packaging design. In the process of serialization design, we can use a large number of enterprise standard colors and some auxiliary colors to conform to the CI strategy of the enterprise, so that the final effect and influence will be more direct and more image, and the enterprise can also expand its popularity and influence through this form of packaging

(III) according to different national characteristics

color is not just the color in our naked eyes, it expresses rich emotions, and the connotation given by color is completely different in each different region and nation. Due to the different social and political conditions, customs, religious beliefs, cultural education and other factors, as well as the impact of the natural environment, various places and nationalities in the world have formed different color customs. For example, in countries that believe in Islam, green is a noble color, but in Japan it is considered an ominous color; The Mongolian people in China have regarded yellow as their national color since ancient times, but the Uygur people taboo yellow and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to use targeted colors according to the different color customs of each region and nation, so that the serialized packaging products have the local unique nationality

therefore, the packaging color serialization design should conform to the objective reality, and cannot be divorced from the requirements of region and environment. The colors appearing in the packaging individuals must be carefully considered before they can be applied to commodities, so as to avoid such regional and cultural differences, which will affect the sales of products. When enterprises carry out color serialization design, they should deeply study the adaptability of color, so that products can be accepted and loved by people in different regions

(IV) according to the popular colors in different periods

popular colors refer to the tendentious and popular colors widely spread in a certain area and a certain period. They will be affected by time and season, so they have a positive guiding role. Modern packaging seriation design is increasingly influenced by popular colors. Each individual in the series design is a part of the whole commodity. The color it uses directly affects the impression of consumers on the whole set of products, thus affecting their consumption. In seriation packaging, we can use popular colors in a large area, and then use colors with local characteristics on each packaging individual, so as to conform to the regionality and timeliness of color, so that such packaging can have affinity and be welcomed by people

(to be continued)

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