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Newspaper printing color digital solution

newspaper practitioners have always had misunderstandings about image processing, thinking that newspaper printing is not demanding, so they never pay attention to the quality of images, and often use ordinary scanners to scan images. Due to the limitations of technology and cost, ordinary Pingying scanners often have the following problems: the screen color is inconsistent with the actual output color, the color is biased, and the color is not bright enough. Using such a scanner, the scanned image has poor color restoration and lacks a sense of hierarchy. Once encountering the need to scan originals with high accuracy in the production of magazines and picture albums, the newspaper office can only go out for electronic color separation. In the long run, it will not only reduce work efficiency, but also cost a lot

newspaper production requires high-quality professional scanning

in order to enhance the competitive strength in the market, more and more relevant newspapers have joined together to form newspaper groups. Unlike ordinary newspapers, these newspaper groups not only publish newspapers, but also publish a large number of magazines and exquisite picture books. Their business content is even designed to advertisements, light boxes, display boards and picture production. Newspapers are evolving from black and white to color. In terms of quality requirements, it is suggested that the state of bridging before foaming should be improved accordingly, especially in terms of color performance, they have different requirements than black and white newspapers. In addition, with the increase of business volume, the sources of manuscripts are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to ordinary printed materials, photos and transparencies with different formats and textures also account for a large proportion. The more and more extensive business scope leads to the linear increase of picture scanning volume, and the newspaper industry puts forward higher requirements for prepress input equipment. Ethics requires the scanner to achieve considerable accuracy on the basis of fully meeting the needs of scanning speed, so as to ensure that the picture is enlarged to A3 format, and that the slightest detail will appear. In addition, the newspaper industry also puts forward higher requirements for the ease of use of the scanner. Professional platform scanners with sophisticated CCD devices, high-power lenses and innovative technologies can produce excellent color restoration effects. At the same time, coupled with the inherent characteristics of simple operation and high scanning efficiency of platform scanners, prepress professional platform scanners are gradually rising and becoming the mainstream in the field of newspaper publishing. Large format roller scanners, once widely used in the output center and plate making industry, are increasingly replaced by professional high-end platform scanners with excellent performance

newspaper printing color digital solution

the newspaper printing color digital solution based on Microtek atixscan 2020 scanner is composed of computer, rip, color management software and large format color inkjet printer. The color of the whole system is accurate, stable, fast, and the operation cost is low. After scanning the pictures input to the computer through atixscan 2020, the typesetting documents can be directly output according to the proofing effect, such as the spring fruit on the vehicle through the color printer. The printing effect of the real size can be seen in advance without the need to produce a piece, and the layout design effect and image color effect are clear at a glance. After the proofing result is confirmed by the signature sample, the film is printed, which not only saves the trouble of repeated film production caused by frequent modification, but also greatly saves costs and improves work efficiency

advantages of digital proofing

color restoration is accurate and the sample is perfect. Through the powerful scanning and color separation software colorquart of atixscan 2020 and its built-in CMS color management system, it contains a variety of input and output device color characteristic files, provides output device oriented color space conversion, and picture colors can be truly reproduced. Through ICC Color correction software, atixscan 2020 can customize standard ICC Color files by itself, which is not limited by time and different people, and ensures the final consistency and accuracy of scanned colors

large format, high speed and high precision through artixscan 2020 multi group size professional clip and multi frame batch scanning function, users can pursue the scanning speed and meet the quality requirements of high precision at the same time. For large format output, theoretically speaking, when the picture ratio is 1:1, the accuracy of the original document should not be less than 1/4 of the output accuracy. This formula can be used to calculate, original document (DPI) = amplification factor × Output (DPI)/4. If the scanning image with 2000dpi resolution is used, and the output accuracy is set to 720dpi, the image can be enlarged by more than 10 times

stability as long as the ICC Color feature file of the newspaper printing color digital solution is determined, and the system is input and output, no matter when it is convenient for disassembly and assembly, who scans and prints the same file, the color gamut range of the system's printed samples will be stable and the results of the samples will be exactly the same

low cost. The overall investment cost of the newspaper printing color digital solution is only 200000 yuan. The scanner is 50000 yuan, the calculation is 20000 yuan, the printer is 100000 yuan, and the digital proofing color management European Commission lists graphene as one of the 'flagship projects of emerging technologies in the future', and the software package is 40000 yuan, while the traditional proofing investment is usually more than 2million yuan. The cost of paper digital proofing is 10 yuan, and that of four proofs is 40 yuan. The average cost of traditional proofing is 200 yuan to 300 yuan, and the operating cost of digital proofing is only 1/7 to 1/5 of that of traditional proofing. The efficiency of digital printing is also significantly higher than that of traditional proofing. Digital proofing takes only half an hour, while traditional proofing takes at least half a day. In addition, the digital proofing system has a powerful combination function, which can set the number and number of pages according to the size and requirements of the paper, as well as the processing functions of page rotation, scaling, mirroring, etc., so as to avoid possible errors in manual patchwork, improve work efficiency, and effectively avoid paper waste

the digital proofing process and its working characteristics fully meet all the requirements of the whole production process of color newspapers and periodicals, and it is an indispensable and important tool to improve the publishing rate of color newspapers and periodicals. At present, global times, PLA Daily, China sports news, China business daily, China Economic Observer and other newspapers have adopted color digital solutions for newspaper printing

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