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Cartier doors and windows: with the advent of the global economy and information society, China's opening-up continues to deepen, coupled with the accelerated development of the hardbound housing market, has spawned a large number of enterprises aiming at the development of the high-end door and window market. Nowadays, the domestic high-end door and window market has great development potential. In order to seize this market cake, door and window enterprises also need to improve their comprehensive strength

layout high-end development strategy

for high-end strategy, both countries and enterprises attach great importance to it. Take the United States, Britain and other "deindustrialized" developed countries as examples. After the financial crisis, they rearranged their high-end strategy, launched "Reindustrialization", put more emphasis on upgrading and innovation, and built high-end manufacturing industries, which directly helped the steady recovery of domestic economy. For example, the British government launched the "high value manufacturing" strategy in 2008, striving to run through the whole process from research and design to commercialization with innovation

seize the highland of the consumer market

for door and window enterprises, no enterprise can "eat all" in the high, medium and low-end markets. The high-end market is the "Pearl" on the top of the pyramid. It is the strategic highland that all large enterprises want to seize. At the same time, it also reflects the influence and competitiveness of an industry. Excellent high-end brands can even become the spokesperson of the national image in the world. At this level, although many local door and window brands are positioned at the high end, it is probably too early to call it the "business card" of the industry and even the country

system to improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises

being a high-end industry must be a huge project that requires high investment, and it needs continuous innovation to cope with changing consumer demand. If we say that in the early stage of entrepreneurship, high-end is a conscious behavior of door and window enterprises to explore product differentiation, then when door and window brand bosses have launched the banner of "high-end" and the products face homogeneous competition again, it is the business model that has been built that supports the enterprise's "high-end" strategy. These models include lean attitude towards manufacturing process, standardized management of terminal channels, and professional service for after-sales maintenance

with the continuous expansion of the consumer market for high-end doors and windows, more and more enterprises are repositioning the market and making high-end door and window products. In the environment of intensifying market competition, door and window enterprises must settle down and improve their comprehensive strength with continuous innovation, so as to promote the transformation of enterprises to high-end door and window manufacturers

Cartier doors and windows puts service in the first place, gradually forms the brand characteristics of "international vision and localized service", and returns to the root of product humanization. Carty has an order receiving service team founded by a group of undergraduate students, creating a "5S" all-round service model, paying full attention to consumer satisfaction, so as to achieve pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, summary, avoid systematization, and solve all kinds of troubles for consumers with nanny service. Cartier doors and windows adheres to the unique customized standards of Germany, and strengthens the core competitiveness of Cartier doors and windows in the market. Adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, quality is gold, service first" and our own hard power, and make the brand value of "Carty doors and windows" a new height

German Cartier windows and doors www.dgkadi Com

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