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How to choose and buy the whole cabinet more cost-effective

1. Cabinet introduction

now there are a wide range of cabinets on the market, from color to style, and the price is also very different. When buying, in addition to the appearance, the selection of quality is also crucial. To buy cabinets with fine workmanship and high quality, we need to pay attention to the following points:

first, look at the edge banding: large manufacturers use modern machinery and equipment, and use high temperature and high pressure edge banding. The appearance of the edge banding is clean and firm, so as to avoid the damage of the cabinet caused by long-term use of moisture, which can make the cabinet more durable, while the edge banding of small workshops will appear rough

second, look at hardware accessories: hardware accessories such as rotating disc suitable for corner cabinet placement and dividing frame of push-pull storage cabinet can make the items in the cabinet orderly, while a good cabinet can perfectly combine hardware accessories with cabinet body and cabinet door, which can open and close freely without noise during use, and can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation and damage

third, look at the water stop design: a special water stop design is added to the table, so that the water on the table is not easy to fall on the cabinet, which is also the guarantee for the long-term use of the cabinet

fourth, look at the environmental protection of materials: it is mainly reflected in the adhesives used for plates, countertops and edge banding. These materials should meet the requirements of environmental protection. Among them, the board needs to choose the man-made board whose formaldehyde emission meets the standard, and the table top is better choice with fireproof board and man-made stone

fifth, look at service: it includes not only the door-to-door measurement design before sale, careful installation during sale, but also after-sales service. For example, establish user files, pay a return visit in time, and solve problems in time

2. Detailed description

2.1 Edge banding

edge banding is the most basic auxiliary material in the cabinet. The edge banding strip has two functions. First, it is edge banding to prevent moisture intrusion. The second is to effectively prevent the release of trace formaldehyde from the board. Third, strengthen the plate. Different cabinet brands will use edge banding strips. There are many ways of edge banding, including PVC edge banding, metal edge banding, etc., but the processes used for edge banding are very different. For example, some small brands and some brands without strength often use some low-cost edge banding equipment for edge banding, and use hot melt glue with high formaldehyde content for edge banding. After this kind of edge banding comes out, first, it does not restrict the release of formaldehyde, On the contrary, the high formaldehyde content of glue increases the release of formaldehyde. Second, using simple equipment or even manual edge banding, the effect of edge banding is not beautiful enough. After using for a period of time, the edge banding strip will arch up and drag the plate to deform, because the cabinet door plate is deformed

2.2. Hardware

in addition to the quality of its door panel, the quality of hardware can not be ignored. As the connectors of all parts of the overall cabinet, cabinet hardware plays an important role, so we should pay special attention to it when purchasing

2.2.1. Hinge thickness

the types of hinges can be roughly divided into three categories: full cover, half cover and inner side. The types of hinges are mainly selected according to the different installation methods

in terms of appearance, there is no big difference between high-quality hinges and low-quality hinges. The only difference is to observe their thickness. A good hinge is formed by stamping with alloy at one time, which has a thick feel and smooth surface. Due to the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, stable and strong, and has strong load-bearing capacity, so that the cabinet door can be stretched freely, and the door will not be closed loosely

2.2.2. Choose handle carefully

at present, there are four types of handles on the market: plastic handle, zinc alloy handle, aluminum alloy handle and stainless steel handle with transfer technology. Now the zinc alloy handle is the most widely used in the market, and its surface coating technology is particularly critical. If the metal coating on the surface is not properly treated, it is very easy to fall off. Soy sauce, salt and other corrosive condiments in the kitchen, and even sweat with salt on your hands can make the zinc alloy handle dull

plastic handles are not easy to corrode and fade, so they are the most suitable handles for use in kitchens. The coating on the surface of plastic handle can be shaped at will. It has a strong sense of lines and is beautiful. It is becoming a new favorite in the handle market

2.2.3. It is best to choose three in one connectors

generally, 12 connectors are used for a single cabinet. Connectors are usually divided into two types, one is three in one connector; The other is two in one connector. At present, the three in one connector, also known as invisible connector, is widely used

the three in one connector is composed of plastic head, connecting rod and connecting cap. Its quality depends on the accuracy of the connecting rod. The connecting rod accurate to micron can ensure the accurate splicing of the cabinet. The two in one connector is exposed outside the cabinet, which is not beautiful and generally not used

2.2.4. According to the design method, the slide rail is divided into three sections: slide rail, pumping slide rail and roller track. The three section slide rail uses wood as the baffle on both sides of the drawer, which is basically the standard configuration of all cabinets. The roller track slides between steel chutes with nylon or plastic rollers to pull out the drawer. The pumping slide is abbreviated as riding pumping, which includes the metal baffle and has the rebound function

the bearing capacity of the three section slide is generally about 20kg, the bearing capacity of the chobang slide is about 40kg, and the bearing capacity of the simple rebound drawer is also about 40kg. The length of the slide is the main factor affecting the price. Generally, the price of the pumped slide is higher, and the price without damping is more than 200 yuan per pair

2.3. Environmental protection materials

2.3.1 Solid wood | decoration review network

solid wood is used to make cabinet door panels. The style is mostly classical, and the price is usually high. The door frame is made of solid wood, mainly cherry, walnut and oak. The door core is made of medium density board pasted with solid wood skin. During the production, the concave convex shape is generally made on the solid wood surface, and the exterior is painted, so as to maintain the log color and beautiful shape. This can ensure the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of frame and core board can ensure the strength of door panel

2.3.2. The base material of blister

blister board is density board, and the surface is formed by vacuum blistering or one-time seamless PVC film compression molding process is adopted. Blister door panels are rich in color, realistic in wood grain, pure in monochrome chroma, non cracking and non deformation, scratch resistant, heat-resistant, stain resistant and fade resistant. They are the most mature cabinet materials, and their daily maintenance is simple. Blister door panel is a very mature and popular cabinet material in Europe, but many domestic PVC blister door panels are not of good quality

2.3.3. Melamine facing board type

the full name of melamine board is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper facing man-made board, which is made by soaking paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, drying to a certain degree of curing, and paving it on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, and hot pressing. Melamine decorative door panels, represented by German Aijia panel, have the advantages of flat surface, not easy to deform, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate. With the natural color sealed note, it gives a muddy visual effect. Domestic melamine decorative door panels are represented by Lushui River panels, and all indicators have also reached international standards

2.3.4. Molded

it takes density board as the base material and face mold PVC as the veneer, which is formed by high-temperature hot pressing. It is divided into matte molding plate and high gloss molding plate, which can be processed into various shapes. Masks can be made in China or imported from South Korea, Japan or Germany. The difference between imported and domestic products lies in the thickness, thickness and wear resistance of the mask

2.3.5. Metal texture type

its structure is a metal plate or imitation metal plate pasted on the medium density plate with special oxidation treatment, fine wire drawing and grinding, and the surface forms a dense protective layer. This material has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, simple daily maintenance, fine texture, easy to clean and long service life

with the prevalence of metal fashion, this high-end metal door panel has increasingly become a new favorite, among which aluminum decorative convex concave panel is the most high-end door panel at present. However, its price is expensive, which is suitable for the pursuit of super high-grade decoration synchronized with the world trend

2.3.6. Paint baking

the base material of paint baking board is density board, and the surface is baked at high temperature after six times of spraying and baking imported paint (three bottoms, two sides, one gloss). At present, the "baking paint" used for cabinets only describes one process, that is, the paint treated base material door panel after painting is heated and dried in the drying room

the paint baking board is characterized by bright color, easy modeling, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti fouling ability and easy cleaning

the disadvantage is that the process level is high and the scrap rate is high, so the price remains high; Care should also be taken carefully when using, for fear of bumps and scratches. Once there is damage, it is difficult to repair, and it should be replaced as a whole; The color difference is easy to appear in the kitchen with more oil smoke

2.3.7. Fireproof board type

fireproof board type door panel is the most used door panel material at present. Its color is relatively bright, and the forms of edge banding are diverse. It has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, cutting resistance, permeability resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, no fading, delicate touch, affordable price and so on. The base material of fireproof board door panel is particleboard, moisture-proof board or density board, and the surface is decorated with fireproof board veneer. The price of domestic fireproof door panels is low, while the cost of Korean and German panels will increase by about 25% and 50%

fireproof board is in line with the development trend of the combination of "beautiful and practical" cabinets, so it will remain prosperous in the market. Its disadvantage is that the door panel is flat, which cannot create concave convex, metal and other three-dimensional effects, and the sense of fashion is slightly poor. Fireproof board is a decorative board made of silicon material or calcium material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives, and autoclaved

2.3.8. Clad frame

clad frame door panel the base material of the door frame is medium density board, wrapped with PVC, and the door core board is double decorative boards such as German Aijia decorative board or fireproof board, which are reprocessed and spliced by the cabinet company itself; Its advantages are rich in color, the frame is arbitrarily matched with the double decorative board, which fully reflects the personality and fashion, the daily maintenance and cleaning are convenient and concise, and the frame cored board structure is stable, not deformed and does not need to be sealed. This door panel is an ideal choice for modern people

2.3.9. Crystal

crystal board is made of base material, white fireproof board and acrylic. The manufacturers of small workshops use Plexiglas; Standard manufacturers use acrylic, which is environmentally friendly and three-dimensional. This material enriches the design of the cabinet, plays a positive role, and is deeply loved by some people

2.3.10. Mirror resin board

mirror resin board is still used more in the cabinet market at present. Its properties are similar to those of paint baking door board, that is, it is fashionable, colorful and waterproof. But it is not wear-resistant, easy to cut flowers, and its high temperature resistance is not very good. Therefore, consumers who have high requirements for color and pursue fashion can choose the cabinet with mirror resin board, but because it is easy to cut flowers, they should pay attention to maintenance when using it

the appraisal design of cabinets covers all aspects, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to understand in detail. Generally, choosing a well-known brand will be more secure, and it can also save a lot of trouble before and after purchase





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