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Most of the hard bag backgrounds in the market are plain hard bags with monotonous colors. Qianzhuang makes the embroidery background into hard bags to make the pattern of the embroidery background more three-dimensional and beautiful

Qianzhuang full embroidered product "water melody song head"

free and easy, bold and unrestrained life state,

is the so-called life geometry when drinking wine

Qianzhuang interprets the heroic life with soft silk thread,

there is a tiger sniffing the rose in the heart

due to the limitation of the door width of the bottom cloth, the embroidery background cannot be made if the length and width exceed a certain size at the same time. At this time, the hard bag solves this problem very well, and the hard bag splicing can reach infinite width and height

Qianzhuang painted and embroidered product "mirage"

"there are clouds in Dengzhou sea from time to time, such as palace terraces,

battlements, figures, chariots and horses, crowns, which can be seen."

-- Mengxi Bi Tan

Qianzhuang draws a fairyland with silk threads, sending the best wishes of carefree,

happy like gods

the embroidered wall cloth itself has sound absorption and sound insulation effect due to the wall cloth and the embroidered picture. The sound insulation effect is better when the thickness of the plate is added after the hard package

Qianzhuang painting and embroidery product "between water and clouds"

if there is a peach blossom garden in your heart, where is it not between water and clouds

there is no need for Bodhi leaves to become a Buddha, and there is also meditation under the Wutong tree

Qianzhuang draws mountains, waters and clouds with embroidery lines. Yearn for beauty in your heart,

keep a good and peaceful mind, no matter what happens,

be positive and optimistic to it

Qianzhuang embroidery products not only use hard wrapping technology for specific products, but also can be made of painted and embroidered products

Qianzhuang promises: hard wrapped finished products leave the factory to share with you all kinds of worries that decorators will not hard wrap, and their hard wrap damage will affect the products

Qianzhuang is a modern leading enterprise specializing in the production of cloth art such as high-end embroidery background, integrating product R & D, production and marketing. Qianzhuang is located in Jiaxing, known as the home of silk, and inherits and carries forward the essence of Chinese embroidery culture. With the mission of "innovating embroidery technology and carrying forward embroidery culture" and the purpose of "creating the art of life", Qianzhuang is committed to creating a new model of the integration of embroidery and soft clothing

(source: Qianzhuang process)





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