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Steel wood furniture breaks through the traditional furniture material selection and leads the fashion trend

when it comes to furniture, wood is the origin, but in recent years, with the gradual lack of resources and people's new demand for the change of furniture structure, a new type of furniture category stands out from the traditional solid wood and panel furniture, that is, steel wood furniture with both the hardness of metal and the affinity of wood. So what is steel and wood furniture? What are its characteristics? I hope our explanation will give you a preliminary understanding of the new army. Real materials determine quality

although it has been on the market for some time and is very popular, when it comes to steel and wood furniture, most people still have a vague concept. "Is the face wood and the legs metal?" This statement of consumers is very intuitive, but it is not comprehensive and accurate. According to baijianfeng, chairman of Elvis Presley furniture, the so-called steel wood furniture refers to the furniture made of steel side frames, shelves and cabinets connected by metal hangers. Our common types of furniture mainly include tables, chairs, stools, sofas, beds, etc

it is understood that the materials used in steel wood furniture at this stage generally include steel, plate and glass panel, surface decoration materials, coatings, adhesives, etc. The steel used for high-end products is better, which is domestic grade a high-frequency welded pipe, with an average wall thickness of 1.2 ~ 1.5





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