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The most beautiful is the new Chinese style! After the renovation of this old house, it will amaze the whole community! Now I'd like to share with you the new Chinese style Meijia, a 116m2 old house renovation

morning ~ ~ ~ it's time to share poetry cases again. Recently, friends often feedback backstage, hoping to send more new Chinese cases

poetry, I also live up to my mission. I quickly collected this 116m2 old house renovation new Chinese style beauty home and shared it with you

this case comes from Laogao in Guangzhou. He and his family have lived in his home in Liwan District for more than 20 years. The house has long been a little old, but because he is afraid of affecting children's learning, he has not been greatly repaired

until the end of the college entrance examination this year, my son went to study abroad, and the husband and wife finally had time to change their faces for the family


the entrance of Lao Gao's house is narrow and long, and the door is facing the aisle wall. Therefore, the designer set the porch cabinet here, which is a view when entering the door

The porch cabinet in the shape of back uses a symmetrical design, and the door panel uses a high gloss Desert Gold Jade platinum plate. Shoes are put on the bottom layer to change shoes, clothes are hung on the middle layer to store bags, hats and other accessories, and the upper layer is used to put sundries such as tool boxes

living room

his living room looks big, but in fact, it is composed of two spaces: the living room and the study. The area of the living room alone is less than 30 square meters

the TV background wall is made of stone in the middle and walnut on both sides, with a warm and delicate texture

the sofa and coffee table of Qinyuanchun series are not as thick as mahogany furniture, and the lines are simple but still have a lasting appeal. The most important thing is that the price is much more affordable

in addition to hard decoration and furniture, the living room is also very particular about details, such as antique tea sets, carpet pillows, table lamps shaped like palace lanterns and wooden side tables

open study

Lao Gao's father has always been in the habit of practicing calligraphy, but the original study area is too small, so the old man always dislikes bad lighting and writing

therefore, the designer removed the wall of the study and used glass partition to divide the living room and study. The area occupied by the open study is actually smaller than that of the original study, but because it is transparent on all sides, the lighting is better, and it appears to be larger

after the merging of the living room and the study, the original typical vertical hall pattern looks like a horizontal hall, which also increases the space visually


the restaurant uses a traditional large round table, and the guests are not afraid to sit down when they come. Lao Gao felt that only when the family sat around the table could they feel more complete

the corridor leading to the room also uses wooden wall panels, which echo with the porch, TV wall and other positions, making the space more complete


there is no major change in the kitchen pattern, but the old kitchen forgot to leave a place for the washing machine when it was designed, and the balcony of the old residential building has no access to water, so it can only be placed in a small public bathroom

this time, taking advantage of a new cabinet, Lao Gao hurriedly asked the designer to move the washing machine to the kitchen

master bedroom

the master bedroom pattern has not been greatly changed, and two major items have been added

first, TV. In the past, Lao Gao thought it expensive, so he was not willing to buy it in the bedroom. This time, he bought it together while decorating

second, in the past, the dresser was placed at the head of the bed instead of the bedside table on one side. Lao Gao's wife always thought it was small and uncomfortable to sit, so the designer moved the dresser and built it into a combined cabinet with the TV cabinet

the wardrobe in the bedroom is also rebuilt, the inner storage is optimized, and the design of the new corner cabinet is deeply liked by Lao Gao

elder room

elders like a bright environment, so the elderly room has increased the area of light color

the elderly have more free time, so watching TV is an essential pastime. In order to prevent their parents from being knocked by the TV cabinet, wall mounted TV is specially used in the elderly's room

youth room

his son Xiao Gao just went to Hunan University this year, and he will only spend less and less time at home. He has no opinion on how to design his room

therefore, the designer unified the youth room into a new Chinese style, and suggested that Mr. Gao use tatami combination cabinet to replace the original bed and wardrobe

when the children are not at home, this room can also be used as a study or storage room, and it can also be used as a guest room in case of emergency occasionally, so it will not be a waste of space

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