Why is glass partition wall popular nowadays

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Glass partition is loved and recognized by office decoration customers for its simplicity, elegance, practicality, beauty, fashion and environmental protection

at present, environmental protection, innovation and fashion ” It is the trend of design and also leads the new trend of office space in the future. Office glass partition wall has become an indispensable protagonist in office decoration because of its own advantages. Therefore, when our office owners decorate the office partition wall, its beautiful and fashionable effect cannot be ignored. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the glass partition wall

practicality of partition space

whether it is the more popular office partition decoration such as stainless steel glass partition and aluminum magnesium alloy glass partition, or the gypsum board partition that is gradually retreating from the historical stage or the relatively high-grade plate partition, it is to partition the office business space, so that it can be used more comprehensively and appropriately. Of course, in addition to being practical and safe, People are more in pursuit of environmental protection, elegance, beauty, fashion and high cost performance

protect the wall

the interior wall decoration of a building is the same as the exterior wall decoration, which usually has the function of protecting the wall. Interior wall decoration can avoid the direct infringement of external adverse factors on the wall. In some key parts, corresponding structural measures must be taken to deal with them. For example, high humidity rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and sanitary rooms must be decorated with water-resistant finishes to protect the wall from moisture; In the entrance hall, aisle and corridor, due to the large flow of people, the dado must be made at the appropriate height, and the external corner of the inner wall is generally protected by a corner guard line

beautify the indoor environment

the interior wall decoration of buildings can play a role in decorating and beautifying the indoor environment to varying degrees. The higher the level of buildings and decoration, the more obvious this role is

meet the use requirements

in order to ensure that people can study, work and live normally indoors, the inner wall surface should be kept clean (this is also the reason why the glass partition is selected for office partition decoration. The glass partition is beautiful and practical), and it has good reflectance, so that the indoor brightness is relatively uniform, and the end away from the window will not be too dark. As the wall itself generally can not meet these requirements, it is necessary to make up for this deficiency through interior wall decoration. For example, plastering and spraying white mortar on the surface of brick walls is a common means to ensure the basic service conditions of rooms

what problems should be paid attention to in the decoration design of office glass partition wall

first, the selection of materials

material selection is very important for glass partition wall! The selection and processing of partition materials will further reflect the good image building of the enterprise and the collocation of its indoor beautiful colors. Moreover, office partition wall is a non functional component, so the decorative effect of materials can be put in the first place

design the office partition wall according to the company's industry positioning. Generally speaking, the overall style of the office is easy to be determined and reflected. The office partition wall adopts corresponding style. Of course, sometimes using different styles can also achieve good results. Generally, when the overall style is simple, the complex office partition style is used

II. Image shaping

1. The office partition wall is not load-bearing. The design should pay attention to the unity of height, length and virtual reality

2. The color should be locally consistent with the foundation of the office. Here, Yifeng partition designer emphasizes that whether we are designing and installing stainless steel glass partitions or aluminum magnesium alloy partition series products, we must comprehensively consider many factors such as the overall size of the office partition space, orientation, illumination and the style and color of office furniture. Sometimes the most common color is better, Simplicity is the most perfect. Maybe you especially like a certain color or profile style, but installing this glass partition can't highlight its best effect, but it seems depressing and counterproductive. Therefore, Yifeng partition company emphasizes that no matter which glass partition company is selected to design and install the office glass partition, door-to-door field measurement and design is a necessary process

3. Color matching office partition wall is part of the whole office environment, and materials can be carefully selected and processed. Take the current Beijing glass partition market for example. The glass partition has various styles and flexible design. Stainless steel partition, aluminum magnesium alloy partition, plate partition and so on, emerge in endlessly, and each has its own advantages. It is the best to choose the one that suits itself according to the actual situation

third, spatial degree of freedom

degree of freedom is very important, which is also the advantage of the new partition wall over the traditional partition wall. We are enjoying life and work, rather than building a siege to surround ourselves. Here, the glass partition just highlights her advantages, transparent beauty, safe and practical, sound insulation and lighting, fast installation and flexible design

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