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According to the Ministry of ecological environment, the general office of the State Council recently issued the pilot work plan for the construction of "waste free cities" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") to deploy the pilot work for the construction of "waste free cities"

the plan proposes that about 10 cities with conditions, foundation and appropriate scale should be selected nationwide to carry out the pilot construction of "waste free cities" in the whole city. By 2020, the construction index system of "waste free cities" should be systematically established, and the comprehensive management system and technical system should be explored to form a number of replicable and popularized demonstration models, so as to lay the foundation for the construction of a "waste free society"

the plan mainly puts forward six key tasks of using cases in the medical industry: first, strengthen the guidance of top-level design and give play to the macro guidance of the government. 2.4 the software can realize user-defined speed setting; Second, implement industrial green production and promote the total amount of storage and disposal of bulk industrial solid waste to zero; Third, promote agricultural green production and promote the full utilization of major agricultural wastes; Fourth, practice a green lifestyle and promote the source reduction and resource utilization of domestic waste; Fifth, improve risk prevention and control capabilities and strengthen comprehensive safety control of hazardous wastes. Sixthly, stimulate the city's paper-making enterprises to expand the scope of losses, and cultivate new models for industrial development

among them, it is required to focus on coal, non-ferrous metals, gold, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mines and other industries, fully implement green mining, and reduce the production, storage and disposal of solid wastes in mining. According to the requirements of green mine construction, the filling mining technology should be adopted according to the mining conditions to promote the production of building materials from mining solid wastes or the treatment of mined out areas and collapse areas. By 2020, the large and medium-sized mines in the pilot cities will meet the requirements and standards for green mine construction, in which coal gangue and slime will be fully utilized at the additive manufacturing user group meeting in Chicago

"waste free city" is a city development model guided by the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. By promoting the formation of a green development mode and lifestyle, it continues to promote the source reduction and resource utilization of solid waste, minimize the amount of landfill, and minimize the environmental impact of solid waste. "Waste free city" does not mean that there is no solid waste generation, nor does it mean that solid waste can be fully utilized as resources. It is an advanced urban management concept, which aims to ultimately achieve the goal of minimizing the generation of solid waste in the whole city, making full use of resources and safe disposal. It needs long-term exploration and practice

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