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The total tariff level will be reduced to 12% next year.

the total tariff level will be reduced to 12% next year.

in fact, on December 11, 2001, China has some excellent material suppliers

but can not run away from rough edges. In particular, when some mold products have not been fully solidified, China will begin to perform the duty of tariff reduction from January 1, 2002. The total tariff level in that year will be reduced from the current 15.3% to about 12%; In 2005, it will fall below 10% (9% - 10%)

Wang Wei, deputy director of the office of the Tax Commission of the State Council, said in Beijing a few days ago that the tariff rate of China's industrial products will be reduced to about 12% and that of agricultural products to about 16% next year. The tax rates of more than 70% of the tax items have been reduced to varying degrees, and the tax items with low tax rates (10%) have increased significantly, reaching half of the total tax purposes. Among them, the tax rate of water

products is about 14%, that of textiles is about 18%, that of cosmetics is about 8%, that of transportation is about 18%

, that of mechanical products is about 10%, and that of electronic products is about 11%. For commodities with tariff reduction of about 100%, 80%,

70% and 60%, there are more than 100 commodities in each category. 60% of the tax items have reached the final commitment of about

from next year, China will provide 10 kinds of agricultural products and 3 kinds of chemical fertilizers If the test results do not meet the relevant standards, the import of products shall be subject to tariff quota management. At the same time, the ITA agreement was implemented at the beginning of

, and the average tax rate of more than 300 information technology products was reduced to about 5%, of which more than 100 implemented

higher than 25% will be reduced by 50% compared with now, Tax items with tax rate higher than 25% only account for less than

5% of the total tax items; The difference between tax levels has obviously leveled off; 98% of the tax items reached the promised binding level

he said that the changes in China's tariff next year include: the implementation of the 2002 version of HS tax items, adding more than 200

tax items; The Bangkok Agreement tax rate will be implemented (China became a member of the Bangkok Agreement in May this year); The provisional tax rate (lower than the current tax rate) is still applied to some commodities; Adjust the tax items and tax rates of postal articles, reduce the tax items and reduce the tax

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