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The general price of resources in Xiamen refined oil market continues to remain stable

the resources in the refined oil market in this region are general, the market supply and demand are basically balanced, and the transaction is peaceful. The price of refined oil in each unit continues to remain stable. The chimney is also able to resist scratches, and the emission concentration of ultraviolet dust is 8mg/nm3~10mg/nm3. At present, the price of Sinopec 90 × gasoline is 5859 yuan/ton, and the price of 93 × gasoline is 6210 yuan/ton, 97 × gasoline price is 6562 yuan/ton, 0 × diesel price is yuan/ton, CNPC 90 × gasoline price is 5800 yuan/ton, 93 × gasoline price is 6100 yuan/ton, 97 × gasoline price is 6300 yuan/ton, 0 × diesel is tied to old customers at the ratio of 5198 additive price and 5500 terminal price, or tied to gasoline at the ratio of 5198 and 5800, 0 × diesel price in social units is 5350 yuan/ton, and the price of non-standard diesel is yuan/ton, Retail price (additive): the price of 90 × gasoline is 4.62 yuan/liter, that of 93 × gasoline is 4.89 yuan/liter, that of 97 × gasoline is 5.17 yuan/liter, and that of 0 × diesel is 5.64 yuan/liter

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