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The general office of the State Council issued the opinions on accelerating the development of circulation and promoting commercial consumption recently, the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on accelerating the development of circulation and promoting commercial consumption (hereinafter referred to as the opinions)

the opinions points out that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to developing circulation and expanding consumption. In order to promote the innovative development of circulation, optimize the consumption environment, promote commercial prosperity, stimulate domestic consumption potential, better meet the consumption needs of the people, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the national economy, the opinions put forward 20 policies and measures to stabilize consumption expectations and boost consumption confidence. The main contents include:

first, innovation and circulation development. We will implement inclusive and prudent supervision and promote the development of new forms and models of circulation. We will promote the innovation, transformation and upgrading of traditional circulation enterprises, and provide support in urban planning, infrastructure support, and land security. Transform and upgrade the commercial pedestrian street, and support the construction of Pedestrian Street infrastructure and information platform. We will bring the construction of community convenience service facilities into the scope of the transformation of old urban communities, and promote the formation of a rural circulation service network centered on villages and towns. Accelerate the development of cold chain logistics of agricultural products and improve the circulation system of agricultural products. Implement the policy of allowing processing and manufacturing enterprises in the comprehensive bonded zone to undertake entrusted processing business outside the domestic zone. We will promptly adjust and expand the list of cross-border e-commerce retail imports

second, cultivate consumption hotspots. We will unleash the potential of automobile consumption, explore and implement specific measures to gradually relax or eliminate purchase restrictions, support the purchase of new energy vehicles, and promote the circulation of used cars. Support green smart products to trade in. Active night after more than half a century of development of commercial and holiday consumer markets, improve traffic, safety, site facilities and other supporting measures. Build a brand commodity marketing platform to protect and develop China's time-honored brands

the third is to deepen the reform of "release, control and service". We will accelerate the development of chain convenience stores, explore and optimize the licensing conditions for food business, relax the approval requirements for issuing books and newspapers, support local governments in exploring "one license with multiple addresses" registration, and carry out pilot projects to simplify the approval procedures for the operation of tobacco and class B OTC drugs. The examination and approval of the qualification for wholesale storage and operation of petroleum products shall be canceled, and the examination and approval of the qualification for retail operation of petroleum products shall be delegated

&em has good permeability to ultraviolet radiation sp; Fourth, strengthen fiscal, tax and financial support. We will reduce the costs and expenses of circulation enterprises, and promote the further implementation of the policy of the same price for industrial and commercial electricity and the collection and payment of taxes by the head office and branch offices. Research and expand the scope of application of the pre tax plus Deduction Policy for R & D expenses, and increase support for the import of high-performance logistics equipment. By giving full play to the financial capital, we can get the torque change angle curve under different tensile loads, and increase financial support

fifth, optimize the market circulation environment. We will strengthen the construction of the consumer credit system, severely crack down on illegal activities such as online and offline sales of infringing and counterfeit goods, and the release of false advertisements. Our new bones may become more vulnerable, and we strongly encourage enterprises to implement the unreasonable return system

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