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The general Party branches of Changchai company successively held special organization and life meetings

the general Party branches of Changchai company successively held special organization and life meetings

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according to the deployment of the Party committee of the Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and in combination with the actual situation of the Party committee of Changchai, from late July to August 15, all grass-roots party organizations of the company held special organization and life meetings and carried out democratic appraisal of Party members

at the special organizational life meeting, the secretaries of the general Party branches and Party branches made a comparative inspection on behalf of the grass-roots party organizations, carefully investigated and identified the problems from the "four ethos" aspect, deeply analyzed the root causes of the problems, and the U.S. government paid money to put forward the direction of future efforts and corrective measures. The members of the grass-roots party organizations made a profound comparative inspection and self-criticism in combination with their personal ideological understanding, work practice, post performance and other aspects. Through comparison and inspection, the general Party branches have found out that they do not pay enough attention to theoretical study, do not have a deep understanding of the actual situation at the grass-roots level, do not have a strong sense of mission, lack of pioneering consciousness, lack of innovative ideas and so on. Through self-examination and self-examination and soliciting opinions, the general branches of all parties made self-evaluation on the situation of the general branches, analyzed and self criticized the causes of the existing problems, and determined the direction for future efforts

the general Party branches agreed that they should carefully sort out the problems found by the branches and individuals in this organization and life meeting, set up actions and reforms, persist in making good use of the weapon of criticism and self-criticism, improve their ability to find and solve problems, and take this as an opportunity to strengthen the cultivation of party spirit and improve the quality of Party members and cadres with brand-new ideological understanding. First, they should strengthen their communist ideals and beliefs and enhance their sense of purpose, Through the construction of the party organization itself, build a collective that is sincere, United, pragmatic and efficient. 2 select the scope according to the sample size; Second, we should establish the spirit of hard study, improve our own quality and management level, and build a grass-roots party organization capable of solving practical problems; Third, we should carry forward the spirit of development and innovation, devote ourselves to the quality control and market expansion of Changchai, and promote the overall balanced progress of the work; Fourth, we should inherit the spirit of hard work, go deep into reality, connect with the masses, and contribute to the cause of Changchai

at the special organizational life meeting, Party members seriously carried out criticism and self-criticism, practically experienced the party spirit around ideals and beliefs, Party member awareness, service development, performance of obligations, integrity and self-discipline, and objectively and notarially made democratic comments on other party members. They said that in the innovative development of the company and the adjustment of "five major structures", and in the in-depth implementation of the party's mass line education and the formal implementation of RFID standards on july1,2016, we should give full play to the role of vanguard and model, perform our duties conscientiously, create advancement, strive for excellence based on our posts, and establish a new image of Party members

the development of the special democratic life meeting and democratic appraisal of Party members has laid a good foundation for the company to implement the rectification and implementation of educational practice activities and establish rules and regulations in the next step

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