The general manager of Bestman China visited Yacha

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On the morning of June 7, 2013, long Yu, the general manager of Bertelsmann China, visited and exchanged with Yachang (Beijing) Art Center. Wanjie, the chairman of Yachang culture group, and Zhang Dong, the vice president of Yachang culture group warmly received the visiting guests

after entering the Yachang Art Museum, general manager Long Yu was immediately attracted by the theme exhibition of transmutation images held by Yachang. The artists used newspapers, book paper, toilet paper and other daily objects to create paper art works with artistic life images, showing a beautiful magical world of stillness and fluidity, hardness and softness, reality and illusion, so that the images formed a unity of opposites between form and meaning of art in the evolution of time and space, which made people imaginative, Deeply shocked

then, under the guidance of vice president Zhang Dong, general manager Long Yu carefully read the books winning the gold award of the Banni Gold Award of Yachang and watched the promotional videos of Yachang with great interest. Vice president Zhang Dong introduced to the distinguished guests that over the past 20 years, by serving the people's art, Yachang still has 55million to 105million tons of de production capacity to serve the people in the next four years. He is committed to making art enter everyone's life, continuously strengthening the popularization and promotion of Art Education, passing on the beauty of art and creating beautiful art. To this end, Yachang has also launched an art book project, including systems such as art library, art bookstore, it display and inquiry, and direct sales network construction. On the basis of Yachang art standards, by integrating domestic and foreign art and publishing resources, Yachang has built a library bookstore and art popularization education marketing system, combined with it high-tech technical means and display system, to lock in the domestic art popularization education market, In particular, the high-quality art book market systematically pushes the domestic and foreign art books to the precise crowd to realize the value of art appreciation and education, art collection and inquiry, luxury goods and Jinan experimental machine, mainly for the mechanical style detection and decoration of materials, gifts and gifts. Through this project, the whole industry chain of Yachang culture group is opened up and the brand of Yachang culture is built

general manager Long Yu highly praised the idea that Yachang has always adhered to its own brand and followed the road of art for many years. He is very optimistic about the future development of Yachang and hopes to achieve cooperation and common development with Yachang in many fields in the future

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