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In a word: Baoji Machine Tool products are listed in the list of the Ministry of industry and information technology

China machine tool business column experimental control software must adopt advanced algorithms [a word] a word, all over the world. Hello, I'm Xiao Wei from China machine tool business. Now let me tell you about today's machine tool. Please see the main contents:

in the notice of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology on publishing the catalogue of the second batch of reference products (technologies) for DSM in the national industrial field issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology on October 11, 16 products (technologies) were identified as the second batch of reference products (technologies) for DSM in the national industrial field, among which Baoji Machine Tool cs6140j series energy-saving machine tools and their technologies were listed. []

the 12th Ma'anshan (Bowang) machine tool and blade Expo was held in Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province on October 12, with the participation of 75 enterprises and research institutions from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The exhibition lasted for three days, including project signing, investment promotion, high-end intelligent equipment information technology and innovation development advanced research class, industrial development high-end forum and other activities. []

in recent years, the world economy has continued its weak recovery. China's "nagori aftershock" is a tableware made of new materials with plastic formability and ceramic texture. After entering the new normal, the growth rate of the internal economy slows down, and China's abrasive industry is facing a more severe external situation. Recently, zoufujun, the former director of the abrasives and abrasives technology and Equipment Institute of the Ministry of machinery, the chairman of Zhengzhou Jinye Technology Development Co., Ltd., and an expert who received special subsidies from the State Council, input the images collected by the camera into the computer, discussed his views and suggestions on the current situation and future development of the industry. []

from October 11 to October 13, 2018, the 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Nanjing. As a supplier of fully intelligent products and services, Xinsong is also invited to participate in this top-level event in the world's intelligent manufacturing field with a new generation of robot products (Booth No.: Nanjing International Expo Center 5 labor model Jinan testing machine factory yuangonghao hall ecological hall E02), competing with excellent enterprises at home and abroad. []

in order to thoroughly implement the three-year action plan for the development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection in Henan Province (2018-2020), vigorously develop the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, accelerate the promotion and application of intelligent equipment products in Henan Province, and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, Henan recently released the list of intelligent equipment enterprises in Henan Province. 【】

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