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The "12th Five Year Plan" of separation membrane industry aims to achieve an industry scale of 100 billion yuan

the "12th Five Year Plan" of separation membrane industry proposes to form a complete and large-scale production technology and production capacity of membranes and membrane modules in the whole field of separation membrane, and the membrane performance has reached the international advanced level, striving to achieve an industry scale of 100 billion yuan by the end of the "12th Five Year Plan". Among them, the application of domestic RO membrane has entered the high-end field of water treatment, and the domestic market share has increased to 25~30%, and has been exported; Develop UF with high strength, high water flux and pollution resistance. You can carry out tensile test of MF membrane on one machine, with a production capacity of 45-50 million square meters/year; Perfluorinated ion membrane for chlor alkali industry realizes and provides large-scale production of precision casting product samples for it, and carries out reliability point solution demonstration and promotion in 10~15 chlor alkali plants; Increase the market share of domestic membrane vessels to more than 50%; Actively promote the development and industrialization of medical membranes

this is a kind of material based on fossil fuels. The plan points out that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the application and promotion of membrane technology in various fields of the national economy will be vigorously promoted, and exemplary membrane treatment projects will be built, including the active promotion of anti permeability seawater and brackish water desalination technology; Accelerate the promotion of membrane treatment technology in the field of municipal water supply; Realize waste water recycling; Promote the application and industrialization of all membrane processes in chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, dye, organic product separation and concentration and other fields; Supporting the R & D and production of national large-scale industrial devices, the construction of large-scale projects, and the development and industrialization of new technologies and products. At the same time, we should speed up the establishment of the standard system and evaluation of membrane products and projects, including plastic modification, R & D and mass production of engineering plastics and functional materials, and standardize China's membrane market as soon as possible

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