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Seoul semiconductor will show its new products at the 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

the 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will open in Pazhou Pavilion, Guangzhou · China Import and export commodities fair, from June 9 to 12

Seoul semiconductor, a world-renowned LED manufacturer, has always adhered to the concept of "not competing with customers", focusing on the manufacturing of LED products, and has more than 12000 patents worldwide. This exhibition will bring you the latest LED products, cutting-edge technologies and reference application solutions

we sincerely invite you to visit and exchange ideas at the semiconductor booth in Seoul

Seoul semiconductor booth number: Exhibition Hall 10.2, B10

Seoul semiconductor will bring you the following new products:

? Acrich cob ① MJT cob (COB using high-voltage technology)

MJT cob is a product combining Seoul semiconductor multi junction chip technology and cob technology. Seoul semiconductor has its relevant patents. Drive under high voltage, and divide each LED chip into multiple sub units to greatly improve the light efficiency and reliability

the maximum luminous efficiency is 168lm/w (@ 5000K, ra80, TJ = 85 ℃, 40. The machine starts running W, which is 6% higher than the existing products. To achieve the same brightness, MJT cob only needs 54 chips, while traditional cob needs 144 chips. While the number of chips is reduced, the defects caused by wire bonding are also greatly improved.

? Acrich cob ② AC cob (COB using AC drive technology)

AC cob can be driven by 120V or 23 0V AC power supply with small punching force difference. Using acrich IC to completely replace the bulky and short-lived power supply can save about 25% of the circuit cost and greatly improve the space utilization and service life

? Wicop

2 and lift the pen 10lm/w (350mA) wicop Y22 is in mass production. Its size is only about 1/4 of the existing LED, but the light efficiency can reach 210lm/W. Wicop Y22 is only composed of LED chips and phosphors, completely breaking the inherent concept that it is difficult to improve light efficiency. It is developed based on the unique LED chip manufacturing and phosphor related technologies of Seoul semiconductor. In particular, compared with traditional high-power LED, it achieves higher luminous efficiency. Compared with CSP (chip scale package) products with similar appearance, the luminous efficiency is increased by more than 17%, reflecting the excellent performance and technical strength of wicopy22

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