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On September 13, the China Plastics spot PP market was basically stable as a whole

China Plastics price index rose 1.33 points to 1256.84 points; The China Plastics spot index rose 0.20 points to 1223.68

I. upstream express:

WTI futures in New York commodity futures trading were $79.91 a barrel, up $1.68 from the previous trading day

the closing price of propylene in the Far East rose by $10. At present, it is reported in USD/ton FOB South Korea

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the ex warehouse price of PetroChina Huadong PP today was reduced by 150 yuan for the copolymerization part, and the rest was stable: the latest drawing T30S was 11950 yuan/ton, the fiber Z30S was 12100 yuan/ton, basically out of stock, the film material was 12050 yuan/ton, the injection molding v30g was out of stock, and the copolymerization EPS30R was 12450 yuan/ton

Fushun Petrochemical PP plant produces membrane material t38fe. Today, the ex factory price is reduced by 100 yuan. The latest wire drawing T30S factory in the province is 12020 yuan/ton. Membrane material T38 was inspected and quarantined by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency in 2013. The imported waste raw materials were 355600 batches, 55.1426 million tons, 33.703 billion dollars, and 12020 yuan/ton in Fe province

including: 1 Plastic woven bag; 2. Plastic packing belt and binding rope; 3. Plastic turnover box; 4. Plastic hollow containers; 5. Plastic film bag; 6. Plastic film; 7. Foamed plastic; 8. Shell and cartilage of plastic shellfish and molluscs (such as squid and squid); 9. Plastic hose; 10. Plastic compound irrigation, etc.

Fujian refinery has been renamed Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and PP plant produces wire drawing T30S. The ex factory price today is stable: the latest drawing T30S is 11950 yuan/ton, and the film T36F is 11950 yuan/ton. Today, we will continue to implement the policy of 100 yuan/ton for 100 tons. The manufacturer has poor sales and accumulated inventory

Panjin Ethylene PP plant produces wire drawing F401. The latest wire drawing F401 leaves the factory at 11850 yuan/ton, and the rest is out of stock: the ex factory price of copolymerization p340 is 12300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer will not release the goods today

Daqing Refining and chemical PP plant began to shut down for maintenance for more than a month on the evening of August 20. The factory price of the latest drawing T30S in the province is 11910 yuan/ton. It should also be considered whether the oil is too thin and dirty. The price of film T38F is 12010 yuan/ton, and the fiber Z30S is basically out of stock. The recent sales situation of the manufacturer is average

other devices: Hunan Changsheng PP device switched to wire drawing T30S yesterday and plans to switch to film material in recent days. Jingmen Petrochemical PP plant produces wire drawing T30S and plans to switch to film material T36F in the near future. Tianjin United PP plant produces wire drawing T30S, and it is preliminarily planned to switch to copolymerization in the latter ten days. Maoming Petrochemical PP unit 1 was converted to EPS30R; The new unit 2 stops

III. local market conditions:

today, the PP market as a whole is basically stable, and some regions continue to decline slightly. The upside down phenomenon began to appear in some markets of general drawing PP, the enthusiasm of traders was suppressed, the demand of downstream factories continued to be flat, and the weak trading atmosphere led to the continued stalemate in the market, and the overall mentality was poor

the overall performance of the PP market in China plastic city is flat. Due to the lack of hot spots, transactions are difficult to break through. In terms of market quotation, the quotation of merchants is generally stable, with slight reduction in some parts. For example, Panjin Ethylene F401 is reduced by 50 yuan to 12100 yuan/ton, and Yanshan Petrochemical k8303 is reduced by 100 yuan to 12900 yuan/ton. The latest mainstream quotation of domestic materials for wire drawing/injection molding is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of domestic materials for copolymerization is yuan/ton

the Shanghai PP market weakened slightly today, the overall transaction was weak, the market resources were still not much, the merchants' mentality was unstable, and they lacked confidence in the future market. Today's price is maintained: the sales of wire drawing T300 is poor, and the quotation is about yuan/ton; The quotation of CNPC wire drawing T30S fell to 12050 yuan/ton or slightly lower. Secco is expected to deal mainly with factories: the quotation of wire drawing S1003 fell to 12150 yuan/ton, and the deal was poor; The supply of copolymerized goods is relatively small, and the transaction is relatively light. The quotation of k7926 is 12750 yuan/ton, and the price of K8003 is 12650 yuan/ton

the overall supply of PP market around the Central Plains is not large, the demand is weak, and the merchants have difficulties in shipping. The continuous dismal transaction has made it difficult for the market atmosphere to improve. The current price is basically maintained: the mainstream price of Zhongyuan T30S is about 11230 yuan/ton, excluding tax, and there are also individual flat prices; The price including tax is RMB/ton. Business mentality is poor, mainly short-term operation

Linyi PP market has a small supply of goods and a light turnover. Downstream demand continued to be bleak, factories and middlemen received very limited goods, and merchants' quotations fell slightly. Current price: the mainstream quotation of Zhongyuan T30S is about 11400 yuan/ton

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