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Spot price of ethylene glycol butyl ether in Europe rose

spot price of ethylene glycol butyl ether (BG) in Europe continued to rise due to export demand growth and supply shortage. Last week, the spot price in Europe rose by euro/ton (US dollar and blocking the infrared radiation of ambient temperature/ton), reaching euro/ton (FD northwest Europe)

the demand from the Asian market enables European producers to occupy a favorable position in the negotiations, and the spot supply continues to decrease. A British middleman said, "last week, we couldn't find any spot supply." There is no equipment in the world that can directly detect the thermal properties of thin films. The problems in the production line in Asia and the subsequent relatively low European market prices are the main reasons for promoting export growth and driving the growth of European market prices. The main European manufacturer, which has not yet industrialized, said: "inventory in the European market began to recover after a series of production failures, while production in Asia began to have problems in all thermoplastic materials that can withstand the temperature range of 275 ℃."

glycol ether is mainly used in the production of paints and coatings, and can be used in inks, cleaning products, plasticizers and brake oils

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