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Jiangnan Futures: the futures and cash prices resonated, and Shanghai glue rose again

on Monday, continuing the strength of last Friday, and Japan glue further expanded its space upward. The benchmark October contract opened slightly higher at 330 yen in the morning. Driven by the Shanghai rubber daily limit, the daily rubber price immediately surged higher, reaching a maximum of 341.8 yen, and then showed a high oscillation. As of 15:30 Beijing time, the contract was reported at 339.2 yen, up 9.2 yen from the previous trading day. In terms of fund positions, several major long funds continue to increase their long positions, and the net long positions of the three major long funds have reached 24000 hands, which constitutes continuous support for prices. Technically, the price broke through the historical high of 324.5 yen for the first time on Friday, so the effectiveness of the breakthrough continues to be confirmed today, and it is expected that the price will continue to operate in a long pattern in the short term

domestically, Shanghai Jiaotong quickly closed the daily limit after opening sharply higher today, and the 809 contract finally closed at 25695 points, up 1450 points. Judging from the trend, the current price is accelerating, which is based on the tight supply in the spot market, and the height of price rise depends more on how the main funds operate

in terms of fundamentals, at present, both the two major rubber producing regions in China and the rubber producing countries in Southeast Asia are in the period of gradual recovery of production. However, compared with the same period in recent years, the time of listing of new rubber this year is generally postponed by more than one month. China is mainly affected by pests and diseases and early weather, while several countries in Southeast Asia are affected by the tropical storm in April and continuous precipitation. As of last week, Thailand's rubber cutting rate has only recovered to about 60%, It is expected that the full cutting will be carried out at least after the middle of June. The tight supply situation will continue for a period of time, which is likely to become a long lightweight, which refers to the production of packaging performance time with less materials

in terms of spot, in the short term, the futures price resonates with the spot price, and the spot price also rises rapidly. The price of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue covered the following, including machine selection, mold manufacturing, pre drying and molding, rose to nearly $3100 per ton, and the price of Malaysian No. 20 glue also rose to $3060 per ton. Domestically, the situation of price increase continued. Today, the two farms traded 1330 tons of No. 5 standard glue, with an average transaction price of more than 25500 yuan

operation suggestions: those with long positions can properly hold and observe, and those without positions are best to participate in light positions. Take advantage of the trend, and don't blindly guess the top

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