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On March 28, China Plastics spot PP market brief

China Plastics price index fell 3.13 points to 1285.69 points; China Plastics spot index rose 0.1 to judge the sealing performance of the sample; Vacuum the vacuum chamber from 1 point to 1266.88 points

I. upstream express:

the settlement price of crude oil futures rose $1.68 to $107.58 a barrel on Thursday, the highest level since March 18. Ice cloth, so it's best to stop cleaning after each experiment; Maintenance of the control system of universal laboratory machine settlement price of lunt crude oil futures rose $1.01 to $105 a barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Daqing Refining and chemical PP plant produces t28f. How does the digital universal testing machine operate today? The factory price is stable. The fiber material Z30S is basically out of stock. The recent sales are general, and the manufacturer's inventory is not high

Dalian organic PP newly installed wire drawing T30S, and the 70000 ton old device continues to produce wire drawing T30S. The ex factory price is stable today. The ex factory price of the latest wire drawing T30S is 12250 yuan/ton today, and the ex factory price of film T36F is 12400 yuan/ton. The inventory is not large, and the manufacturer's recent sales are average

the factory price of Shaoxing Sanyuan PP is stable: the factory price of drawing T30S will rise by 150 yuan/ton in 12 extruder orders. The ex factory price of film material f280f is 12250 yuan/ton

Jiujiang Petrochemical PP plant produces T36F. The device is basically restored to full load. The ex factory price is stable today. The latest ex factory price of wire drawing T30S is 12150 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of film material T36F is 12250 yuan/ton

Qilu Petrochemical PP produces T36F today. The latest price: the price of drawing T30S is 12150 yuan/ton, and the price of copolymerization EPS30R is 12700 yuan/ton. Copolymer eps30ra automotive special material SP179 is basically out of stock, and T36F is at 12200 yuan/ton. The manufacturer doesn't have much inventory

III. local market conditions:

PP market continued to consolidate in the morning. Affected by the rising price of Sinopec wire drawing yesterday, the quotation in North China market is slightly better, but it is difficult to change the overall light situation. In the morning, the offer in East China market was stable, traders shipped actively, and the market continued to be in a stalemate. The quotation in the South China market was generally stable in the morning, with some declining and scarce supply

the price of PP in Linyi market rose slightly today. The market improves with the surrounding areas of the Central Plains. The overall supply of goods is not much, and traders actively ship goods with a good mentality. The latest market quotation: the Central Plains wire drawing T30S rose by 50, and the quotation excluding tax was about 11650 yuan/ton

the situation of Qilu Chemical City PP is stable today, and the downstream reflects that the price is high and is unwilling to receive goods. Qilu wire drawing T30S has few goods, and the quotation is 12450 yuan/ton, while the quotation in Dalian T30S market is 12500 yuan/ton. Qilu copolymerization EPS30R has few sources of goods, and the latest quotation is 13200 yuan/ton. SP179 out of stock. At present, the supply of PP is small, the downstream demand slows down, the traders' prices are firm and unwilling to loosen, and the downstream price is unwilling to receive goods, so the situation is deadlocked

the current price of PP market around the Central Plains is basically stable. The market trading atmosphere was light and there was more wait-and-see. The current price is basically stable: the tax excluded report of Zhongyuan wire drawing T30S is about 11480 yuan/ton, and the tax included report is about yuan/ton, and the transaction atmosphere is weak

the PP market in Nanjing is stable today. The market supply of wire drawing materials is acceptable, and the copolymers are less, and the demand is weak. Traders are actively shipping, but the transaction is not good. Latest market quotation: Yangzi wire drawing F401 is quoted at yuan/ton; The quotation of copolymer K8003 and j340 is RMB/ton; The quotation of transparent material j370g is about 12600 yuan/ton

the current price of PP market in Shanghai is generally stable and the transaction is difficult. The trading atmosphere in the market is weak and embarrassing. Merchants are mainly active in shipping, and the downstream response is weak. Stable quotation: the weakness of CNPC wire drawing T30S is about 12300 yuan/ton; F501 is about 12300 yuan/ton; SECCO S1003 is about 12600 yuan/ton; CNPC EPS30R is 13200 yuan/ton; SECCO k4912 and k7926 are about 13050 yuan/ton

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