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The impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory, an ultra-high performance lightweight material with perfect combination of ceramics and graphene, has become an important equipment material for material testing.

researchers from Purdue University in the United States, in cooperation with teams from Lanzhou University and Harbin Institute of technology, as well as scientists from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, want to design and develop a metamaterial that can be applied to many industries, including architecture and aerospace, This kind of metamaterial is made from the combination of alumina nano layer and graphene

garycheng, an associate professor at Purdue University School of industrial engineering, said in a statement: "this material is even lighter than feather because it has extremely low density and high specific strength."

garycheng added: "nowadays, the excellent performance of ceramic components has been applied in many fields, such as thermal insulation materials, intelligent sensors, electromagnetic wave absorbing materials and anti-corrosion coatings."

this metamaterial has a honeycomb microstructure inside, It can provide super elasticity and structure. Once the cleaning resin stops extrusion, it has robustness (structural robustness can also be called structural integrity and firmness, and sometimes it can also be called preventing the continuous collapse of the structure. It is an interpretation of the overall mechanical performance of the structure from the perspective of structural conceptualization, which requires that the members of the structure can work harmoniously, and the connection should be reliable to form a solid structural whole; structural robustness requires that the structure has multiple lines of defense, so as not to cause structural damage due to the failure of a member, and requires that the structure is It will not cause large-scale continuous collapse after local damage). The composite is composed of graphene sandwiched between ceramic layers and interconnected. Graphene scaffold, also known as aerogel gel, is chemically bonded with ceramic layer by a process called atomic layer deposition

garycheng said, "we carefully controlled the geometry of this graphene aerogel and deposited a thin ceramic layer. It is worth mentioning that the mechanical properties of this aerogel gel are multifunctional," he added. "This study may make graphene a more practical functional material."

generally, graphene will decompose automatically at high temperature, but ceramic alumina gives it high heat resistance and flame retardancy, which can be used as the heat shield of aircraft. However, ceramic materials will also bring some bad effects, which inhibit their application as functional materials

garycheng said: "Here, we report a multifunctional ceramic graphene metamaterial, whose microstructure can provide super elasticity and structural robustness. In order to realize this with the increase of experimental force, we designed a layered honeycomb microstructure by combining multi-layer elastic cells. This metamaterial shows a series of multifunctional properties at the same time, which has not been found in the previous ceramic and ceramic matrix composite structures It has been reported, "he added

this lightweight, high-strength and shock-absorbing material is expected to make the composite a good substrate for flexible electronic devices and large-scale strain sensors. At the same time, it also has high conductivity. It is an excellent thermal insulation material, which can be used as flame retardant, thermal insulation coating and sensors and equipment that convert heat into electrical energy

this process may be applied to large-scale industry, which requires us to make comprehensive consideration. In the future, we may optimize the performance of materials by changing its crystal structure, or expanding the process of manufacturing and controlling microstructure

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