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Super consciousness in modern packaging design

the leading consciousness in packaging design is that designers use symbols to express plans in the media. It is a specific design that spans the conventional development under the definition of time and space, and a design idea that will not be eliminated by politics, economy, culture, science and technology, fashion, popular trends and so on in the future

in specific design activities, the advanced consciousness of design is essentially the operation activity of transcendental consciousness. It feeds back from the general response of human beings to the material world into images, rises to ideas, and transforms into real materials. As the materialized expression of consciousness, it induces people's desire to buy, thereby promoting the change and development of consciousness. It transcends the specific consciousness under the limitation of time and space development, and leads human thinking to the specific consciousness in the end on the basis of historical development laws and current materials. For example, the tanks designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the Renaissance and the aircraft designed to imitate the flight of birds are one of the typical advanced design works of art

in modern society, advanced design has made the same pressure cover more and more acceptable. For example, in modern home decoration, many families do not use popular decorative materials, nor use modern fashionable colors to create an atmosphere, but use colors that conform to their own personality, materials they like, or land to carry out personalized design and decoration, which solves the problem that the design is eliminated by time and fashion trends, and not only prolongs the service life of the design, Moreover, it also saves customers a considerable amount of expenses for the purpose analysis of each operation key on the electronic universal testing machine. Such advanced design has been widely used in packaging design, product modeling, architectural design and other industries, gradually developed into a broader field, and has gradually risen to the strategic position of enterprise management, forming the mainstream of modern design. It not only saves a large amount of manpower, material resources and funds for groups and individuals, but also saves limited natural resources for the country and society. Therefore, the leading consciousness in design is a new boundary point for human purchase, and a creative activity with epoch-making significance and promoting the progress of human society

reviewing the development history of packaging and decoration design of thousands of Institutes of the Chinese nation, how many civilizations make Chinese people proud. It can help keep the temperature of drugs during transportation between 15 (2) and 2 degrees Celsius, such as painted pottery of Yangshao culture, bronze ware modeling of Shang Dynasty, porcelain... Why are so many design works so prosperous after thousands of years of vicissitudes? And the design works of the 1970s and 1980s, such as the design of packaging, the modeling of products, the design of furniture, etc., soon became obsolete, and were soon eliminated by the market? Is it really the impact of the progress of science and technology, the development of society and the popular trend of the times on the design life cycle? But why can those civilizations still be brilliant

design is derived from life and higher than life, from which we can find beauty and create beauty, rather than the form based external beauty pursued by some design groups or individuals, or all the economic interests, which are invested in the favor of consumers in exchange for a little meager profit. It is precisely because of this shortsightedness, only paying attention to short-term economic benefits, that the commerciality of the design is too strong, utilitarianism is too heavy, and there is a serious impetuous psychology in the design. At the same time, the traditional culture of the Chinese nation is not deeply explored and studied, and the cultural heritage is not enough, which is the reason why the packaging design cycle is really too short. So that ordinary people think that modern packaging design is just a design of scissors and paste (simple clipping and combination of materials or pictures and schemes). Although this is a one-sided understanding, it is also a negative impact of the modern computer design era on the society, which makes many beginners think that they can fly freely in the design field only by learning computer technology well. This is a typical utilitarian phenomenon, and the final result is that "pompous style" prevails in the design field. "Excessive packaging" in packaging design; "plagiarism and plagiarism" in design; false advertisements in graphic design, television, radio and other advertisements; lack of authority, "black box" operation, and various competitions with fixed number of generals waiting for endless changes, which has helped to grow the illusion of academic corruption and design foam in the design industry

packaging design has deviated from the direction of "function first, supplemented by form", and transformed into all forms, focusing only on the external beauty of magnificence. If we only pay attention to the external beauty, just like glazing the purple clay pot, we feel brighter and more beautiful, then Yixing purple clay pot will lose its characteristics. This kind of practice that conflicts with the functional needs or ignores its functions is obviously the opposite of the extreme, which is tantamount to painting the snake and adding feet! This is a great tragedy of the modern design industry, "not a step in a long way, how to make a thousand miles"

so how can we integrate the advanced consciousness into modern packaging design? How to excavate the cultural heritage in modern packaging design? According to the research on the development history of human design, the author believes that it is mainly manifested in the following three aspects

virtual and real imitation between embodiment and abstraction

the embodiment of design is generally an artistic processing after human beings have a certain understanding of the objectively existing natural things such as characters, animals, plants, landscapes, etc. in the long-term production and labor. It retains the characteristics of natural forms, personality, material and typicality, and becomes a design and decoration element. But it is no longer the original natural form. In fact, the abstraction of design is relative to the concrete. It conveys emotion through the shape of geometric form and the feeling of color brightness and free movement of lines

taking human social labor in primitive society as the research object, we found that through long-term labor, they created language, tools, words, patterns, etc., and their industrial output value and output are also increasing. Like the pattern design of Miaodigou painted pottery in Yangshao culture, the natural and concrete flowers and plants are transformed into crescent moon shape, flower discrimination shape and dots through abstract geometric forms, and then they are cleverly combined to form outstanding and incredible continuous patterns, which decorate practical utensils beautifully. Although it has been thousands of years, it seems to be the latest design now, which is unbelievable! This is our ancestors' modeling and decorative pattern design of utensils according to the needs of life in the process of transforming and utilizing nature. It is mainly derived from life, labor, and the aura between concrete and abstract reality! Beyond the limitations of time and space, culture, region and technology, we can't help but lament the strong vitality of advanced creative design

it exists in the artistic forms of dots, lines and surfaces.

from some painted pottery patterns, it is not difficult to find that its decorative patterns all start with points, and then connect them with curves or straight lines between points, or form repeatedly connected patterns with parallel slashes and triangles as units. With the tacit combination of the shape of the same utensils, it produces a formal aesthetic feeling that is both rhythmic and methodical and rich in changes, What is the reason why these patterns have such a far-reaching impact, and still flash the aesthetic feeling of decorative function? It is also in accordance with certain theories or laws or manual technology, combining dots, lines and surfaces to form its unique artistic expression rich in movement and change, giving people a fresh, exciting and shocking feeling. It was because the "designers" at that time greatly enriched modern formal beauty rules such as "symmetry", "balance", "Shao law", "proportion" through practice that they had a far-reaching impact on the design in the next few thousand years

exists in the "fine processing" of art and technology

specifically, advanced design should include two processes: Advanced creativity and production. Design is just the confirmation and embodiment of artistic image, "Retreat" "In the abstract stage of art, there is no materialization process; and materialization must be made into material finished products through process materials and application of technical means to achieve the concretization of artistic images. Therefore, the design of advanced art is inseparable from the progress of modern science and technology. It is complementary, interrelated and interdependent.

technology restricts creativity and promotes creativity; production can also be based on design creativity and beyond design creativity.

The kiln changes in the firing process of ceramics can produce a myriad of effects; The halo of dyeing and weaving can form a beautiful world in dyeing. Therefore, an amazing work must be refined in terms of artistic creativity, conception, artistic expression skills and design technology. In addition to grasping the expression law of design factors, it is more important to explore unique expression techniques. Rely on scientific and technological means, express creativity with advanced performance technology, and pursue the beauty of precision, shape, structure, material and decoration of the design object

Author: (Shi Chunsheng)

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